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Review: The Mind's Eye

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You have absolutely got to love a film that is quoted as "don't think about it, just watch it" - the words emitted by producer Josh Ethier during The Mind's Eye screening at Beyond Fest in 2015. Have a drink...screw it, have a few drinks, settle in and read this review...then have a few more, settle in and watch a movie that will certainly entertain those who are still conscious.

Directed by Joe Begos, the film focuses on main character Zack Connors (Graham Skipper), a man whose specific "gift" has him on the run from all sorts of authority-like people. His finely-tuned psychokinetic rage is the stuff of legend - simply put: don't piss him off or you'll be eating the pavement at a rapid rate of speed. His lady-friend has been taken in for testing at the Slovak Institute of Psychokinetics, and his goal is to not only get his gal back, but punish the doctor responsible for all this mess: the sinister Dr. Slovak - damn this sounds like some Scooby-Doo plotline construction! Zack certainly didn't think about the repercussions of his white-knight-like act, and the payoff for such a good deed is months of medical testing and abuse at the hands of the bad doc's staff - oh I think things are going to get a tad bit messy REAL SOON. Zack's limits have been pushed, and when he finally releases all that pent-up aggression upon the staff, let's just say that an industrial sized cleaning crew should be on-call to tidy up the place afterwards.

Fans of gore will definitely be appeased, as well as those who love loud GOD, my ears are still ringing from this one. Seems as if every subtle sound was amplified, and the noises that would normally bring auditory trauma to delicate eardrums have been enhanced to a cellular level - had to keep checking to see if I was leaking crimson out my ear-holes during this one! There's a very simple formula to The Mind's Eye: don't take it seriously and it will reward you handsomely. It's just a fun midnight watch with those willing to imbibe and look forward to cranial-explosions aplenty - watch, enjoy, and make sure that your splash-guards are tightly cinched around your waists and necks! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

The film opens in select theaters on August 5th, 2016.

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  1. Gavin Schmitt's Avatar
    The movie has several pages of coverage in this month's Rue Morgue. It really does sound promising.
  2. bronxtko's Avatar
    Great mind-control stuff. Not quite up to the brutality level of Scanners, but definitely worth a look or two.