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Blu-ray Review: Atroz (Atrocious)

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Let me just preface this particular review by saying that if blatantly graphic depictions of horrendous violence are right up your alley, then I'm speaking DIRECTLY to you when I drop the hammer on director Lex Ortega's uber-heinous crime-spree shocker, Atroz (Atrocious, for us gringos). Now how would one properly concoct such a gritty, slimy, sleazy product and toss it up onto film, why having one of the most shocking directors act as an executive producer, that's how!

Ruggero Deodato, the mind responsible for the 1980 exploitation shocker, Cannibal Holocaust, backs up Mr. Ortega in ensuring that only the FINEST levels of shocking, gratuitous brutality be lensed, and we're all witness to it, found-footage style. Now or those who have read my reviews in the past, there is no masquerading my utter disdain for this tired sub-genre of horror. Far too many shaky-cams have gut-busted me to no end, and my daily dosage of motion-sickness medication has doubled exponentially in the past few years, but here's the thing: I actually didn't mind this presentation - call off the dogs, I think we've made a breakthrough!! Well, not really, but there are enough "WTF!" moments in this film to make you not mind so much that we're in for a serious case of visual whip-shot. The film breaks down rather simply: two serial killers in Mexico are responsible for a car crash at the film's onset, and the police have recovered a crapload of videotapes recording a multitude of sadistic torture-murders...wait, did I say "crapload" - yeah, I'll get to that shortly. The crimes are varying in intensity, and let me put it to you this way - the first kill on tape involves nail polish remover administered to a gaping wound, and fecal matter smeared all over the victim's body...who's ready for a snack?

Look, I could deluge you all with gory details about all of the specific instances of fiendish and perverse methods used to cause suffering in this pic (I'd be here all damned day), but I'll stick to the specifics. I was "lucky" enough to procure a copy of the 3 disc special edition from Unearthed Films, which contains the film on Blu, DVD and a soundtrack (nothing like a little music to aid me in my time of viewing torture-porn). Video and audio are stellar on the Blu version, with a subdued format encompassed on regular ol' DVD. Special features include the original short film, behind the scenes footage of the practical FX, trailers, and an image gallery. As far as recommendations go, it's completely up to you as the consumer to decide if this is the entertainment you'd like to fill your evening with. As for me, one time is more than enough to see someone's genitals set on fire, thank you very much. Tread lightly with this one...YOWZA.

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