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Interview With Amanda Wyss (The ID)

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I recently had the opportunity to snag a quick interview with Amanda Wyss, who's most recent film, The ID, was released for viewing on multiple platforms. Her performance is already reeling in amazingly positive reviews, and her work in this pic speaks for itself (give my review a peek and you'll see what I'm raving about). But for now, settle in and read on for her take on the character, and what she's got coming up in the future - enjoy!

KR: Tell us about the premise of the film, as well as a description of your character, Meridith.

AW: The Id is a raw psychological thriller that explores the tortured mind of Meridith and her abusive father, daughter caretaker relationship.

KR: This looked to be quite the emotional and stressful piece of filmmaking - where in your mind did you have to go in order to convey such strong emotions in your performance?

AW: I spent a lot of time with the script getting to know Meridith and her world. My intention was to tell her story as truthfully as possible -To stay grounded and open in the world that Thommy Hutson and Sean Stewart created. It was definitely a raw, emotional journey. She was so vulnerable and wounded. Thommy and the crew created a protective environment on set so I felt safe to go to those places.

KR: After filming a movie such as this, do you find yourself needing a bit of down time, or do you prefer to jump into another role to "cleanse the mind?"

AW:It took me a while to let go of Meridith. She lingered. I love to work. I love making movies. So, I don't mind jumping from role to role. I like being able to change gears.

KR: Lastly, what's coming up next on the work slate for you?

AW: I'm reading scripts and looking for a good follow up to The Id. The challenge is to find another great character role that I can sink my teeth into. The Id and Meridith spoiled me.

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