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Interview With Director Darren Lynn Bousman

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We here at Killer Reviews were lucky enough to snag an interview recently with director Darren Bousman (Saw II, III, IV, Repo! The Genetic Opera) right before the opening of his latest film, Abattoir, and he shed a little light on the movie itself, and also what he's got coming up next, so read on and enjoy!

KR: Darren, for the people that might not know too much about the film, can you enlighten them as to what they'll be seeing?

DB: Well, the premise of the movie is based upon the idea of a character called Jebediah Crone, and how he went about constructing a haunted house, and the way that he did that was that he'd purchase crime scenes. So he'd take these rooms in a house that contained these crime scenes, and he'd rip them out of the house, essentially piecing this house together, and I thought that was a somewhat unique approach in that whole universal world. Abattoir basically tells the story of Jebediah Crone - it's a hyper-stylized film-noir movie.

KR: It's no surprise that this movie has taken up a lot of your time and effort, so when all's said and done, do you think this movie was everything you'd wanted it to be, and if not, what would you like to have added to it?

DB: Well, everything is a series of compromises - the original idea was much bigger, much grander, and both the budgetary and time constrictions squashed that a bit, but the idea of the story that I wanted to tell on-screen, I did. Could I have done more? Absolutely - a bigger budget could have meant more time in the abattoir. Looking back on it now, one of the things that I really wish could have happened was more footage shot for the abattoir, but the shoot already was very expensive to pull off.

KR: The cast was absolutely stellar with their performances - do you feel more comfortable employing talent that you've previously used before, or are you more inclined to give new faces a chance?

DB: I always want to do both, and it's important for me to do so. I think that I love the people that I have a working relationship with, such as Jessica Lowndes and Dayton Callie, but new blood is good too. If I keep using the same people over and over, I'll never ever have anyone new in my films, so I essentially split it - I have people that I know I can rely on and trust, and when those new people come in, hopefully they'll become repeat players for me.

KR: Abattoir is definitely a thinking person's horror film, which I feel really sets it apart from a lot of stuff that's out there today - what do you see as the biggest thing that's missing from the horror genre?

DB: I think it's just what you said: the fact that the audience usually expects everything to be wrapped up in a nice little bow, with an answer. In Abattoir, there's a lot of talking - these characters talk a lot in a very stylized way, but everything that you need to know is there in the dialogue, so I wanted to make a movie that forced you to pay attention, and be present. Some plot-points are only said one time, so if you're not paying attention to that one line of dialogue, you could be totally fucked, and I think that those are the types of movies that I really like - ones that ask more out of its audience members than just showing up and watching it.

KR: Last one - after the release of this, I can imagine that you'll be looking for a bit of down time, but what is up next on the work slate for you?

DB: I'm actually leaving in a couple of weeks to start a new project, which hasn't been announced yet so I can't really go into it. I'm going to go back and do The Tension Experience - it's an immersive, interactive experience that you have to walk through - it's not a haunted house, and we're doing another one next year called The Lust Experience - it's the same premise, but instead of fear, we're going to be dealing with sex and desire.

KR: Darren, I can't thank you enough for the time - it's greatly appreciated. Best of luck with the new film and we'll keep an eye out for you!

DB: Thanks a lot - I appreciate it.

Abattoir is available to view now in select theaters, and on VOD services as well as Digital HD.

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  1. Gavin Schmitt's Avatar
    Well done snagging Bousman!
  2. bronxtko's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gavin Schmitt
    Well done snagging Bousman!

    Thanks Gavin! Such a cool guy to talk to!