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DVD Review: Conspiracy Theory

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Originally titled LAKE ON FIRE, the freshly crowned CONSPIRACY THEORY attacks the "are they really out there" question (in amazingly hokey fashion, at times), but overall it's somewhat of an entertaining watch for those who can't get enough of the UFO-catching bug.

The tv show that the film centers around is called "Alien Engineers", and their latest jaunt in front of the cameras brings them to the Lake Mead area in ultra-hot Las Vegas, baby! Supposedly the otherworldly activity is extremely active, and the crew is all-too-eager to get to documenting. Now here's where the film takes a precipitous swirl down the porcelain: as usual, these found-footage movies where a group heads into some area to record (and hopefully obtain) some evidence, has a stretch where we (the audience) is battered to death with useless interviews, and mindless banter...yep, this particular instance takes up the workload of the runtime - big mistake, fellas.

What we're left with is a scant amount of actual "footage" that would validate the crew's findings, and frankly while it could appease those wanting a little bit of green-men on-film action, for me, it fell drastically short of what I'd like to see, and dropped DIRECTLY into the framework of what found-footage films have been for far too long - blueprinted, predictable and unappreciative of an audience - hardcore alien fan? Give it a look and judge for yourself - tired of nausea-inducing whip-shots? SKIP IT.

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