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DVD Review: Child Eater

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Opting to start off its presentation with a rather shocking occurrence, CHILD EATER begins with a little girl walking aimlessly down the street, clutching in her hand what once was her eyeball, and when she's approached by an adult asking about her safety, her only utterance is "he hurt me." - YOWZA!!

Talk about a swift kick to the gonads to start your movie off with - and director Erlinger Thoroddsen isn't overly concerned with your safety-level in this particular matter - he aims to shock, and if the movie's opener is any indication, this is going to get good REAL QUICK. Using a child's urban legend as a backbone, the little one's in town are well aware of the "Child Eater" and the house that used to hold Robert Bowery inside - a blind man who believed that consuming the eyes of children would restore his sight. Now, the rumors of his re-appearance are running rampant, and those rumors might in fact, become substantiated after all this time.

What works in this film is that from the outside, you'd most likely think that this will be another bargain-basement horror flick, destined to be crammed at the bottom of a Redbox machine. Oh, contraire you minions! This flick is much, much more than that - there is no campy dialogue, no overly moronic situations to regret - this is a dead-serious horror film with creepy intentions. With plot swerves aplenty and some genuinely eerie cinematography, the only complaint that I could dig up was that of the suspect acting at times - I know that a lot of lower-budgeted films do what they can to make ends meet, but JEEZ that doesn't entail a warm-corpse reading their lines as if they've been re-animated.

Overall, if you're a fan of spooky, unrelenting horror flicks, I can absolutely recommend CHILD EATER for a late-night watch. Jump on this one immediately when it becomes available!

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