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DVD Review: Pig Pen

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Even horror can take a backseat to the ills of society, and when that perfect storm of all the wrong ingredients comes to pass (they're the right ones, in this case), there will be an incredible shock-wave of terror for the masses to encounter. In Jason Koch's PIG PEN, adolescent infirmity rears its ugly head, and we're all going to have to reap its consequences.

Employing his own son as the lead character, Lucas Koch is a 13-year old who's just been given the boot out of the house by his mother's douche of a new boyfriend. He's forced to hit the streets in search of food and shelter, and encounters some rather distressing occurrences along the way. No longer able to shield himself under the protective (albeit slightly drugged-out) eyes of his mother, "Pig Pen", as he's not-so-affectionately known, uses what survival skills he has in order to keep breathing that filthy, city air. The gloom and doom represented in this film is so damned heavy, it weighs upon you like a lead apron.

What can I say about this film that already hasn't been written? It's been heralded as a punch in the gut of society, and makes absolutely no attempt to apologize for its subject matter. Koch directs this movie and wields it like a 50-lb sledgehammer, and if you're not in the mood to take some blunt force trauma to the chest, might I suggest renting something from the Disney catalog? If you're up for a lot of gritty, greasy, down-in-the-dumps cinema that bleeds despair from the seams, by all means check this one out PRONTO.

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