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Film Review: SCORE: A Film Music Documentary

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I think we can all agree that without the essence of sound in a film - all truly is lost. It enhances each and every scene, regardless of pacing or mood, and in director Matt Schrader's newest documentary, titled SCORE, we see (and hear) the delicate and crude backings of some of the most prevalent soundtracks in film history - shed the headphones, and crank this one up - it DEMANDS it.

Bolstered by dozens of interviews from notable names such as Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Steve Jablonsky and Bear McReary, this invasive peek inside the sound studios of the pros gives all fans an uninterrupted look at just how exacting these pieces of work truly are, and it's a magnificent thing to open your ears to. Taking its time through film's sound-history, we're able to gain some very impressive factoids about just what goes into the creation of a soundtrack - hell, I'll never doubt a film's aural power ever again after checking this documentary out first-hand! Sadly though, the horror genre does seem to get the shaft in this presentation, with only a couple of memorable films (JAWS and PSYCHO) getting some love tossed their way, but don't fret - you'll be so reeled in by the wealth of knowledge provided, you won't care one way or the other.

It's common practice for any film fan to casually gloss over what they're hearing when it comes to a movie's score, but after checking out this exhibition, I find it hard pressed to believe that you won't pay just a bit more attention to the tones and tunes that help frame and enhance a movie that you're taking in - it's just that interesting. If you are any type of film buff - casual or hardcore, this documentary simply is one that shouldn't be missed. It opened on June 16th in select theaters, so if you've got the time, make sure to give this one not only a good hard look, but an intent listen - highly recommended.

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