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Blu-ray Review: Navy Seals vs. Demons

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A.K. Waters, who executive-produced the ever-so-intriguing NAVY SEALS vs. ZOMBIES, returns in a writing fashion to assist director Jeffrey Reyes with...hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen: NAVY SEALS vs., I'm not kidding you.

When Navy Lieutenant (and bad-ass SEAL) Warren Carr gets discharged from duty, his best friend becomes the booze bottle, and he begins to wonder if his life will have any further purpose...then again, he doesn't really care. Just when things appear to hit rock bottom, he's approached with the prospective possibility of etching his name back into the "good guy" book, and ratcheting up his standing in existence - the only catch, you ask? Well, it involves teaming up and forming a pseudo-EXPENDABLES-styled team of military tough-guys and dispatching a hellacious band of otherworldly demons terrorizing a small town...I think I'd prefer to continue hitting the bottle until I drop.

Now for those looking at the title and scoffing heartily, I can only offer this: the flick actually wasn't all that bad, and if you're one of those "kill at all cost" types with a penchant for full-on action, then this film might be right up your alley - sure, it's hokey and implausible, but don't let that hold you back from downing a few suds and reveling in the assault on your gray-matter. The problem here is the presentation itself, with crappy cut-scenes and impaired plot-navigation...but hey, it still looks killer in a Blu-ray format, and I guess there's something for everyone regardless of what your eyes are focused on. Feel free to give this one a peek if you're up for it - available now.

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