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DVD Review: The Glass Coffin

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Forced to put on the performance of her life, and actress is locked inside her luxurious limo and forced to commit certain heinous crimes against herself in order to stay alive - but what's the point, you ask? Hop in this rolling palace and we'll see if we can make sense of THE GLASS COFFIN.

The actress's name is Amanda, and she's on her way to a swanky awards ceremony, innocently chatting away on the phone to her husband when a video of her accomplishments begins to roll on the limo's monitors - after which a distorted voice appears over the interior intercom telling her that her phone's been jammed (unable to make calls). The doors are locked, and Amanda's informed that if she doesn't follow a very intricate series of instructions, there will be repercussions (as she finds out very early on). What follows is a SAW-like presentation that will test her physical and mental limitations - there will be blood, there will be sexual insinuations...and there will be boredom to some extent.

Not to say that the entire film is stuck in a neutral gear, but it does take a bit of time to shift up to a higher speed - there is an overwhelming sense of isolation, constriction and claustrophobia - if you don't like being boxed in, this film might not be your cup of tea, that's for sure. Paola Bontempi is rock-solid in her performance as the prisoner Amanda - she knows how to emit and convey the essence of desperation, and the terror that subsequently arises from it. THE GLASS COFFIN isn't one of those perfectly-crafted white-knucklers, but it does have its moments that should give horror and thriller fans something to get excited about...and I'm not even thinking about the hit in business that the limousine companies could take after this one comes out - hell, I'll never get in one again!

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