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Blu-ray Review: The Ghoul

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The first time-directorial voyage of Gareth Tunley is certainly an impressive one - his film, THE GHOUL will definitely make your mind spin in a myriad of directions - make sure your brain bucket is tightly affixed so as to not rattle your gray matter - step inside and let's check out yet another fantastic release from Arrow Films.

Starring Tom Meeten as a homicide detective with an intently focused eye for cases that border on "interesting", his latest case leads him to a psychotherapist that's a person of interest in a series of shootings. His vast array of knowledge in these not-so-ordinary crimes gives him an edge in his structure, techniques and ultimate findings, yet this particular case is even leaving him a bit baffled. It's the defining moments of his investigative work that could ultimately lead to his mental break - it won't be pretty, that you can be sure of. I sincerely believe that any further yapping about the premise could lead to some damaging spoilers, so I'll keep tight-lipped about the remainder for safety's sake.

The film itself looks bright (even with its dour mood-set), and the audio was crisp and full - low-budgeted presentations, my butt! This film looked damn good! If you're into special features you might be a bit disappointed with the offering here - there's a sleep-inducing "making-of" featurette, a short film starring Meeten himself, and a commentary track that is the saving grace - entertaining and informative. There's not a whole lot of replay value here unless you're big into these drawn-out, brooding mysteries, but it's something that's definitely worth a one-time watch, and it'll more than likely lead to a very promising directorial venture for Gareth Tunley. It's available right now on either Blu-ray on DVD format at

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