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Nekrochick's To Do List

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So it has been forever since I posted a blog. Mostly forever since I've spent any real time here and I don't even want to think about all the podcasts I have missed. I have lame excuses like classes and teaching and candidacy exams and work. So here is my current to do list to explain why I've been mostly missing.

1. Get PhD to become mad scientist
2. Take over the world
3. Kidnap J.N. and make him write more books.
4. Hitchhike to Canada and tie Breeanimal to a chair until she hits 1000 posts so I'm not the only thing with boobs in Hell.
5. Prevent my gecko from destroying Tokyo godzilla-style
6. Go on a homicidal rampage at work
7. Convince PsychobillyJekyll to let me take over the world

So now you know.

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  1. 's Avatar
    Here's what I have to say about your to-do list

    1. You can be a mad scientist without a PhD. AND you can have a sing-a-long-blog to boot!
    2. Play Risk
    3. If you kidnap JN, then he will be unable to tend to his flock of children
    4. I'll send her to you. Please don't feel the need to return to sender
    5. Don't worry about it. Ferris Beuller will save us!
    6. I might beat you to this one today and then you will just be considered a copy-cat.
    7. He's easy to convince. Just give him an assault rifle and some Sour Patch Kids and he's all yours!
  2. J.N.'s Avatar
    In response to Cay's #3: LOL!!!

    In response to GregMO's response to Cay's #3: ROTFMFAO!!!!!!!!