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The Killer Reviews Report - April 2011

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Hello KR Readers,

April 2011 has come and gone, and what an amazing month it was. Traffic hit an all time high yesterday closing in at 2,300 visitors for the day. In total, for the month of April 2011 Killer Reviews received just over 40,000 visits generating a total of 150,000 page views. These numbers are more than double for this time last year. Thanks to everyone who visits the site on a regular basis and special thanks to the people who help write original content. The site would not be growing at this rapid pace if it weren't for you guys!

Special shout out to the Living in Hell Crowd. You guys are the best of the best!

Killer Reviews News

I'm hard at work trying to get the Killer Reviews store ready to launch. I've put a large part of my horror/sci-fi collection up for sale, which includes about 500 DVDs and Blu-ray. I'm selling everything from new releases to older rare titles. I've locked down some great distributors so far and will be carrying most of their catalog - Synapse Films, Blue Underground, Shock-O-Rama, Retro-Seduction Cinema, Secret Key Motion Pictures, Camp Motion Pictures, Factory 2000, Bloody Earth Films, Independent Entertainment, Breaking Glass Pictures and Toe Tag Pictures. I'm hoping to get the following as well: Troma, CAV, One 7 Movies, Intervision Pictures and Shriek Show. The store will be a nice mixture of new and used DVDs and Blu-Rays. My launch date is June 1st, which might be a tad optimistic, but that's what I'm shooting for.

Heads up to filmmakers! I also plan to sell smaller indie titles, so if you have a movie that you'd like to see in the Killer Reviews store shoot me an email at and I'll see what I can do about getting it in there. But the filmmaker needs to have final product. I'm not interested in pressing DVDs and what not.

In April the ALL MY HEROES WEAR MASKS PODCAST joined the Killer Reviews forums. To say that this new forum is doing well would be a major understatement. It's quickly becoming one of the most popular forums on the site. So to you guys, I say thanks for joining our community and congratulations for doing so well. We're VERY glad to have you!

In other news, Boombata Launched the Killer Reviews Show on YouTube. This is a 15 minute program where site contributor Boombata, talks to a camera updating the viewers of recent DVD/BD releases, what's coming out in theaters and most importantly, what's happening in the world of Killer Reviews.

Special thanks to Alternative Cinema for continuing to advertise on Killer Reviews. Checkout their site for TONS of cult/grindhouse and exploitation cinema. They have an exceptional podcast too!

We have one more ad space available for summer 2011, so contact me at if you're interested.

How you can support Killer Reviews!

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  1. 's Avatar
    Can't beleive that no one has responded to this blog.

    Personally, I like it. Am I the only one?
  2. Xander_Kane's Avatar
    No man...It is a great post! I think many of us are always curious on how the site is doing. And it is great to see that it is doing well. And thanks for your kind words Butcher about All My Heroes Wear Masks. WE ARE STOKED TO BE HERE! And glad many of our listeners have joined in on the fun.
  3. Butcher's Avatar
    The site hit 3000 visits yesterday. CRAZY!!!
  4. Butcher's Avatar
    Well, actually 2996. How annoying!
  5. Boombata's Avatar
    I agree! I love getting those newsletters in my email and that is what this reminds me of. Getting an idea of how the site is doing, and all the activity that is going on. Just in case some regulars are not here for awhile, they can catch up. Its a great idea, please continue it.