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Ruby LaRocca

Saturday Nightmares Convention June 3rd-5th

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Don't forget Saturday Nightmares at the Sheraton in NJ is approaching quickly! June 3rd-5th. There are SO many awesome guests including my love Linnea Quigley, and me! I am so excited to be back at the Sheraton! Good times will be had by all, they have so many events within the event, it's nonstop! Also my short and other Chainsaw Kiss shorts will be playing and tons of other awesome movies. This is a convention you DO NOT want to miss!

Be there or you'll miss all my witty sarcastic humor! And Andy Gore, owner of Satan's Sideshow, is going to be there!!! Best horror hoodies EVER!
Nicola Fiore ia also rumored to be at my table all day Friday (depending on if she has to shoot or not) So you may get to see the slaughterer herself!

Coming up next: A sneak peak into my experiences shooting "The Super" and "SLAUGHTER DAUGHTER" starring the gorgeous and talented Nicola Fiore.

I PROMISE my next post is going to be fun, long, and full of secrets... tune in, turn on, drop out.

Love & Blood,

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