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Everything I learned about Anatomy I learned from horror films (a beginning)

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So, I have decided to attempt a blog here. I know most of you are wondering" who/what the hell is a Cducharme. My name is Christian. I'm a horror addict. *waits for the "hello, Christian"s to end* The beginning of my tale takes us back to 1984, may to be exact (I was about 3 weeks old when I saw my first horror film.)

I was a quiet enough infant, I rarely cried, except when my mother would put in a movie to "watch" me. You see, my mom was an alcoholic/drug addict, also known as a party girl in certain circles. So she needed me to STFU very badly, so that she could go about partying with the Angels (hell's that is).

Our movie collection that she was playing for me consisted of Disney "classics" Bambi and Snow White, along with Return of the Jedi (someone left it at my mom's house when it first came out and before a fire took our home) and man did they get on my tits even as a kid. I HATED bambi and it's piece of crap, no action having story even as an infant. Snow White also set me into a rage of howling. Return at least didn't make me cry but I would struggle endlessly in my carseat (that was my bed/chair/keeper).

One night in may, my mother got an invitation to a party the angels were throwing on some of their private land in Massachusetts, I live in Maine BTW, and my mother REALLY wanted to go. So she let my Aunt Jo-ann take me with her on her date to the drive-in, keep in mind I'm only 3 weeks old so any hanky-panky won't be remembered by me.

The first film up was Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood, a light softcore comedy. Sure enough, those giant boobs on that big screen didn't set me off. My aunt thought that was weird, but "who cares? I got a hot date!"

Next up came Friday the 13th Part 4, and not only was I silent, my little eyes were darting back and forth, back and forth, my bottle lay forgotten next to me as I watched the magical wonder that is Jason Voorhees hacking up some teenagers in the woods.

After that my mom started playing the first two F13's when she wanted some time off from me (so about 20 hours a day) and an addiction was set. Some would argue I got the short end of the stick since I was more attached to my horror movies than the person who gave birth to me, but my mother died of an overdose, something we all expected YEARS AND YEARS ago and in some strange way, I'm honoring her each time I watch my favorite horror films. I love you mom, thank you so much for introducing me to the two things I love most (metal music would be the second but that's another forum and another post!) and I hope you are in a better place with an endless supply of crackrock (Hey that'd be heaven for her!)

Now for you folks that are reading this, I'd love to hear your story of how you got mixed up in our little niche genre! I also hope to do one of these a month, about any old random topic that comes to mind. I have never written anything that's not fiction, so writing about my life (especially early years) is kind of cathartic even if self-indulgent.

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  1. Butcher's Avatar
    I don't have time to write a story right now, but I wanted to thank you for writing to your blog. Very fun read! Welcome to Killer Reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Boombata's Avatar
    First off, welcome my man. You are going to fit in fine here. You have definately came to the right place. I am sorry to hear about your mom, I'm not sure what else to say about that. I don't have a story really either but I was much much older when I first started watching horror films. A childhood friend of mine got me into them. He would always tell me how fake they were and tell me when the body looked like a dummy and what not so I would not be scared. The earliest movies I remember seeing first were "Cat's Eye", "Poltergiest" and "The Exorcist" around 6 or 7 years old.
  3. cducharme's Avatar
    Suuuuure, mention "Cat's Eye" and get me inspired to do a piece on anthologies why don't you! I work for 5 or so hours tonight, but I'll see if I can't pound out a page to a page and a half article (probably more, I REALLY love anthology films). Looks like my "once a month" might wind up being a bit more frequent...