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Everything I learned about human anatomy I learned from Horror Novels And my SELF?

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The first horror novel I read was Stephen King's the stand (abridged) it held my imagination in a controlled but delightful direction, I knew what I would read with my newfound skills. At the tine I was in 3rd grade, and exhibiting the signs of not only being emotionally stunted but with major rage issues. Any little provocation could set me off, into a realm where it was all blank and I was on autopilot. Some people have autopilot that will drive you to your destination in the best time possible, others have an autopilot much much scarier. one that stops the mind from thinking of right or wrong, justice or vengence.

I found in my blackouts moments of clarity that would happen (sometimes during) after these incidents, where the events would come back clearly, as if I was meticoulously planning ways to murder these school children (and one Principal who had me put into weekly therapy, of which the doctor decided I was an expert at "needling" people into explosive reactions, and nothing could be done)

Books became my salvation after that. I learned to read by reading The Stand, but once I got that bug... I've not been able to stop, I've read ghost horror, I've read sexual torture horror (bentley little and Richard Laymon are kings!), I've read alien horror, I've read SCI-FI with horror elements, but then I digressed.

I had exhausted all the local free avenues a disadvantaged kid could get free books from, so I read what I hadn't read before, romances, romantic comedies, Jackie Collins, Harrold Robbins.. Around the time I turned 15 I had progressed to reading more novels in a week than there were days. This was the period I discovered Clive Barker, Author. I was very familiar with Barker the Director, but his novels and short stories gave me an entirely new outlook at horror novels. Almost any kind of novel can be a horror novel, even if it has zero of the conventions. Coldheart Canyon by Barker is one of the best unnerving non-horror (I'd call it dark fantasy/hollywood history scandal book)
books about a house that has a tapestry that's the gateway to the land on the picture part of the tapestry. It's great, it's sexy, and it's written by one of the best living authors of this generation!

Now my favorite series of books that I've read in this time (I'm 27 and have been reading novels since I was about 8, so it's a wide variety, many of which I've loved) is the Necroscope series by Brian Lumley. Lumley is a British author known mostly for the Necroscope series, the Psychomech series (more scifi) and some continuations/expansions on the various Lovecraft mythos.

If you think vampires have gone soft, ALA Twilight, to some extent True Blood (Full disclaimer I'm a fan of that show, it may be very much a drama, but it's a well done/written one). Then boy, Ladies and Ghouls have I got some ****ing monsters for you! How about symbiotic parasites that cause all the "flaws" and "advantages" to being a vampire. That's right, the folks in the series with these (very well described in the books) leeches are not vampires per SE. It's the parasite that is, it causes the body to become what you expect from a vampire. Also wait until you read about the Wamphyri's Manses they build out of human flesh that our Necroscope can hear the thoughts of.

Oh that's right? I never mentioned WHY it's called Necroscope? Because Harry Keogh can speak with the dead, and if they like him enough can even rise from their resting places.

Read Necroscope 1 and you will be hooked and on the 16th in no time!

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  1. cducharme's Avatar
    Sorry about not doing the anthology column next, I had to work 5 days a week and also realized just how many anthologies I missed! I will do one, once I'm don my viewing/noting. But in the meantime I shall continue to do at least one blog every 3 or so weeks.
  2. dawnkatdead's Avatar
    The Necroscope series sounds very interesting. I'll have to check it out after I finish Horns