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Is Midnight Syndicate Horror's Best Kept Secret?

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If I asked 10 horror fanatics who Midnight Syndicate was I would probably only get 3 or 4 people that would know them. They have just released their new album "Carnival Arcane". This album could quite possibly be their best work yet. They have been putting out albums for years making Halloween/Gothic horror/ fantasy music soundtracks. They have been featured in several films and they actually have released their own film and scored it as well. In Carnival Arcane they take their craft to another level with no looking back.

Using natural elements intertwined within the music is something they have always done. This is something they have been working on and continue to improve in their sound on each album. But this time it is flat out perfection. By doing this we get an ideal balance of natural elements and instruments to ensure that you can imagine the environment that the music is creating. Listening to it from beginning to end I found it to build in tension and created a perfect Halloween mood. Because of this it actually made me want to have a Carny themed Halloween party myself.

From the very first song we are lead onto a train to the Midway. We hear the train coming for us to take us on this musical journey. As the next song comes you are welcomed by the Carny who is selling the hype to the sideshow acts at the Midway. We continue on these tension filled moments throughout the rest of the album. You can imagine yourself walking around finding all of these oddities at the carnival. I know this sounds strange but it's true. Just when you think the tension is lessening you are tricked with some faster and less eerie sounds. Just when you think you can relax your ears are blasted with some maniacal laughter that startles you just a bit. This is another thing that makes this such a fun listen. It creates such a unique listening experience that is rarely seen in much of music today.

This is why I am shocked that these guys are not the most sought after composers to score horror films. It is a shame and they deserve more work in the horror genre. They know how to create music that can motivate your imagination to dark places. This is no simple feat by any means this is what sets them apart from the rest. I have not heard anyone able to do it better than Midnight Syndicate. With years of experience and a true passion for creating their music this is a must own.

The best way to understand what I experienced is to put in some headphones. Don't busy yourself too much and just sit back and enjoy every little detail that makes for a great album. I promise you these guys own this genre of music and their talents are unmatched by any that I have heard in a similar genre. But be warned if you fall asleep while listening to this you may have dreams of sideshow freaks coming after you in your sleep.

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  1. dawnkatdead's Avatar
    Nice review Xander. I need to get this ablum. I've loved these guys for awhile now, they always do such a fantastic job. And being that it is Carnival related, I really need to get a hold of it. A Carny themed Halloween Party, very cool idea.
  2. Xander_Kane's Avatar
    Thanks. This really is their best work. Such a great album!