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The Killer Picking Adventures of Brain Chomper - Episode 2 "Pots and Pans"

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So if any of you have ever had a house warming party, you know that your guests usually fly off to Wal-Mart the day before the party and pick you up whatever looks housewarmingly; i.e.....a pots and pans set, a knife set, a coffee maker and whatever else they can find. Though the gesture is always nice, the problem here is that Wal-Mart's products are usually of shit quality. Here lies the problem which leads us to B.C.'s picking adventure #2.

Now I love KaylaCap's mom to death, but one of her presents was a set of plastic cooking utensils: spatulas, ladles, strainers, stirring spoons, measuring cups, etc; half of which I never use because...well...I'm 34 and have been living on my own since I was 18. I have measuring cups by this point. So after almost two years of losing my mind with a drawer full of this shit, fumbling through 35 measuring cups and a plastic potato masher that wasn't sturdy enough to mash potatoes, I finally said "Fuck this" and brought it all to my favorite local hangout....Goodwill.

Now many of you know that I love to pick, but I've also been using picking as a way to raise funds to support my soundtrack and Star Wars obsession. For instance, on one of my recent picks, I found a We Are The World CD from 1985 for $3. I figured it was a huge piece of 80's history (not to mention an incredible song) and had to be worth something to somebody and sold it the other day on eBay for $25. That $20 difference will go towards the Explorers soundtrack next week if Santa didn't already get it for me.

I've also gotta tell you, since I started heavily picking over the past year, I've hit tons of pawn shops and thrift stores, though none of them have turned out as much loot as the Goodwill a mile down the road. So after I drop off the 25 spatulas, I set out to find my next great treasure. My first stop is always the CDs and that's when I start to froth up. Edging closer, I can see the stack has expanded and they have new discs. My dingaling tingles. Stopping in, I can see a bunch of Van Halen, Slaughter, Firehouse and W.A.S.P CDs. A Jovi CD appears out of nowhere. I swear I just heard Eddie's "Wah Wah" on Yankee Rose laugh at me. This is a masculine, greased up, hair-metal wet dream. Only I'm here for gay soundtracks. So the only thing I take out of this is Craig Armstrong's score to Ray. Boring! But it was only $2.

So I turn to the left and see the DVDs and right away, Gremlins catches my eye at $4. I have it my hand, thinking this is a no-brainer, but some distant voice from the future tells me to hold off and buy it on bluray, immediately after the voice tells me to buy a bluray player. So I hold off. BTW...I will have a blueray player soon. So next, I see The Wraith with Charlie Sheen for $2. Now, I don't know my DVDs like CDs, but I've learned along the way that you should pretty much pick up things that came out of the 80's. (Example: We Are the World CDs). Butch and I look for movies like Tuff Turf and Meatballs II on eBay and they're like $30 each. So at $2, The Wraith seems like something I should at least take a chance on. So I pick it up and rounded out the DVD section with a 2 disc Special Edition set of Blade Runner at $3. I figure I can either try to sell them on-line if they're worth more than that or give them to Butch to put in the KR store; though I'm pretty leery of that these days. The last time I did that, I gave him the sealed Silent Night Deadly night set we all know about. I still shake when I think about how many soundtracks I could have bought with that money.

Next stop is always toys, but I find NOTHING! No vintage toys or board games to speak of. Cleared out for Christmas I guess.

Next stop is always books. Now I've started a hard cover Stephen King collection since I started picking and before this pick, was up to 8 books, all totaling me about $15. Over my picks, I've found Christine, The Dead Zone, It, Needful Things, Dolores Claiborne, The Dark Half, Lisey's Story and Different Seasons. In this last pick, I was able to add Tommyknockers, Hearts in Atlantis and Rose Madder; all for around $9. Probably more like $8 with my Goodwill card. Yeah, I did just say that...a Goodwill card. On a side note, it's pretty crazy to think I picked these up for $3 each when they used to be $25 books.

So I ended the pick by going home to KaylaCap and the face. I call it "The Face." It's the face she makes every time I come in the door with another bag full of shit.

Until next time....

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