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Hate for the current Generation Consoles

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I have much hate and indifference for the current gen systems! So far I love many of the style and outstanding graphics that are in our current gen games.

XBOX 360 : The most hate I have is for this system alone! I purchased 1 system at launch, then got the red ring of death. I sent that system in and bought an elite. That system worked great for a few years and then an E74 Error popped up. The system has never been right since. The latest problem that has occurred is what will not be fixed because I will not pay to have it fixed. I went through their automated tutorial checklist online ,and by their bullshit tests, my power plug went bad. My wife called them went through their step by step process to have them say it was the power plug too. So after a $40 special order purchase from Microsoft themselves, my system still doesn't work.

The Kinect has fallen flat from many gamers perspectives. I personally do not have 1, nor will I ever purchase another motion control system. The Kinect does look like it has the most upside with voice recognition and a no controller set up. I can't just bash the Kinect for motion gaming, it seems that every system thinks its the way of the future thanks to the strange success of the Wii.

WII : I own a Wii and it is nothing but a dust collector now. Every now and then my daughter will throw in a game and play. I bought a few classic titles to fool myself into actually wanting to play the system sometimes, but with Gamefly, I never touch the Wii. I have tried a couple games on there through Gamefly and I just lost the desire to play a game while swinging my arms and standing. I do like to use that system as a party system to play with a group of friends, but never alone anymore.

PS3 : So far this is the only system I can play without having so much hate. They have lost much of my confidence when they were hacked though. Sony has done well, in my opinion on their current gen system with having the blu-ray drive and built in wi-fi. Their foresight has given them not many peripherals to sell but they had to jump in to the motion control genre with the Move. The PS Move is really a better knock off of the Wii motion control, from reviews Iíve heard.
All this ranting has really made me miss the original systems from every company. I never had a problem with the original XBOX, Playstation, or NES. I did ,however burn through 3 Playstation 2ís and had to blow into many NES games to make them work. I can only hope that the next generation of systems will not have any of the hardware problems that this current generation is having.

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  1. 's Avatar
    I lost a lot of confidence with them as well after the hacking scandal. It had me revisit my entire online strategy. If Sony can get hacked with my personal information then surely these other 'lesser' websites I have information listed don't stand a chance.

    I have never had issue with my PS3. My brother has had his die a few times. And I don't think I know a single person that hasn't had the ring of death with the XBOX console.

    Worse still is how difficult it is to get these fixed. It is time consuming and sometimes expensive depending on the problem.

    Hey manufactuerers - we just want to play games. We have to save up to buy these devices. Sometimes months! Cut us some slack and make a durable device will ya'!
  2. crikan's Avatar
    I've gone through 5 XBOX360 systems (All covered under extended warranty). Bought my first one at launch. In fairness, I spent a ridiclous amount of time playing XBOX 360 games.

    My first PS3 (60GB) had the typical yellow light issue after 3 years. Uncharted 2 killed it. I took it back to Costco for a full refund, crazy right? I bought a used 60GB from Gamestop for $350, but now I've terrifed to play PS3 games on it. I love the backwards compatibilty. I'd like to by a slim just for movie and PS3 games and keep the 60GB for PS2 and PS1 games.
  3. Dusty B's Avatar
    I got lucky with my 360. It red-ringed then I had to let it sit there for a year since I didn't have the money to replace it or have Microsoft fix it. A few months back, I saw a guy advertising 360 repairs and he wouldn't charge unless the system worked. I figured why not since the thing was just a paperweight anyways and took it in. For $30, he replaced the broken parts overnight and installed a higher grade fan so that it wouldn't happen again. It's worked fine ever since. If anyone's system breaks down and you're out of warranty, I'd definitely recommend hunting one of these guys down instead of paying the hundred bucks and waiting weeks with Microsoft.

    With all these system problems, I'm always worried when I start up my launch-day Dreamcast, otherwise known as my baby. I'm dreading the day I have to replace that one.
  4. Boombata's Avatar
    What scares me is, I have heard so many people say that their PS3 system died on them so quickly. I've only had mine for a full year now. I just wonder if they are purposely poorly made, so that people will continue to invest in them when they break down? As for the hacking situation, I don't use a credit card to buy games but I buy a PSN card. I have little faith in Sony as well to keep online safe, but as for trying to rectify the situation, I think they did the best they could.
  5. crikan's Avatar
    With the exception of Nintendo, console makers sell their systems at a loss for the first few years so the last thing they want is to sell multiple systems to the same people.
  6. darthballsac's Avatar
    I think what sickens me the most about these new systems, is I still have an Intellivision system that works! That game system is as old as I am and I have my 2 favorite games for it, Dungeons and Dragons. So I do have a fall back when these systems won't work for me.
  7. Dusty B's Avatar
    God, I'm scared of the PS3 dying on me. I don't have the money to fix or replace it and I need that thing desperately for the blu-rays and Netflix.