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The Greatest Last Stands in Media History

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Well, a lot of other people are doing top 10 lists, so I figured I would add my opinions to the bunch.

For me, when a movie or video game kills off a character I like, it is made so much more epic when they go out guns blazing, with no hope of survival, in a glorious last stand. Let's face it, it's really badass when you go out trying to take as many of the enemy with you as possible. So, without further ado, here is a list of the greatest final moments of fictional character.


10. Hanzo from Predators

A kick-ass fight scene, where Hanzo holds off the Falconer predator in a duel to the death, as well as to buy some time for the rest of the group to escape. This is definitely a fun scene to watch with cool choreography. Who expected to see a swordfight in Predators?

9. Leggett from Brothers in Arms; Road to Hill 30

Although the whole final mission is a last stand against the germans in southern France, the penultimate moment is when Kevin Leggett tries to fight off approaching tanks with a pistol, all the while screaming TAKE ME!!! Now that takes guts.

8. Starkiller from The Force Unleashed video game

Hopefully even people who don't like Star Wars can appreciate this. The main character, after the Emperor attacks his mentor, steps in, absorbing the lightning and blowing up a lot of enemy troops in a self-sacrifice to allow his friends to escape. This should have been the 4th film.

7. Butch and Sundance from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Quite possibly the first last stand scene in movie history, this really is an emotional, yet kick-ass scene that is only topped by one other similar situation. (more on that later.) Butch and Sundance charge out of their stronghold at a platoon of riflemen, firing away. "For a moment I thought we were in trouble."

6. Hudson from Aliens

All through the movie Aliens, Pfc. Hudson comes off as a whiny coward. He more than makes up for it, however, in the last minute of his life. Standing his ground against the horde, whilest firing away, even as he is being dragged down, Hudson earned many people's respect.

5. Noble 6 from Halo Reach

Having helped lead the last transport out of the doomed planet reach, only the super-soldier Noble Six is left standing, with an alien army behind him. Naturally, like all good heroes, Six embarks on a final stand aginst the endless waves of soldiers, brings down many before he/she is brought down by only the most Elite soldiers.

4. Tony Montana from Scarface

High on Coke and armed with a grenade launcher, Al Pacino ensured he would forever be famous with, "Say hello to my little friend!" A awesome, yet sad last stand follows, with Tony blowing away a ton of henchmen, all the while being shot and screaming at them.

3. Sandman, Truck, and Grinch from Call of Duty MW3

I'll probably get a lot of hate for putting this at no. 3, but it is such an awesome and sad moment in the game; these 3 guys holding off a ton of ultra-nationalists while a mine is collpasing around them to save your character. EPIC moment at 0:49 when Grinch throws down his empty rifle, and starts dual-wielding desert eagles.

2. The Devil's Rejects from The Devil's Rejects

This is a ending very reminiscent of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and I think it surpasses that movie's ending. The three main character, whom you have followed through the movie, charge a police barricade, guns blazing, while getting shot up. To Freebird. That makes this one of the greatest last stands in movie history.

1. Boromir from The Fellowship of the Ring

This is the Ultimate last stand in media history. Boromir, who actually tried to steal the ring from Frodo, redeems himself by fighting selflessly to protect two other hobbits. What makes this such an awe-inspiring scene, however, is the fact that after going down twice from arrows, he get right back up and keeps on fighting the Uruk-hai. This is what defines a true hero.

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  1. cducharme's Avatar
    I know Tolkien wrote the boromir scene in the book similarly, but it's really because we can all believe that Sean Bean is that bad ass that it works on film.
  2. Butcher's Avatar
    Glad to see you posting to you blog. Thanks for the contribution and awesome list!
  3. Dusty B's Avatar
    I probably would have liked the Hanzo scene more if it weren't for the sloppy editing. The setup and choreography was great, but then the cuts and pacing seemed to diminish it for me.

    I agree with your #1. That's easily my favorite moment in the movie and stood out as one of the most heroic scenes I had seen.
  4. 's Avatar
    Great list!