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Movies You Might Have Missed In 2011

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2011 for the most part has been a bit lackluster in the horror genre according to most people. Only a handful of mainstream releases went to the theater. Even the numbers of independent releases have been low this year. Just like any other business, I assume this is due to the economy. No big Hollywood company is going to gamble their money on horror. It doesnít make any sense horror is still a niche market for them. Not to mention it is even harder for independent companies to scrounge up some money to release what they want. However the last few months have been pretty solid from where I stand. Granted the gates are not overflowing with films but we have had a few really good ones come through the other side. Let's take a quick look at some of the highlights at the end of this year that can keep you optimistic on the future of horror.


This post apocalyptic Vampire film didn't re-invent the wheel or anything. They took a familiar concept in put a twist in it by adding Vampires. I know what you are thinking. Oh great another Vampire film? With so many out right now by all counts this should have failed. A well written story gets you invested in the characters and gives you a solid story with enough action to keep you interested. The best thing about this movie is in its Blu Ray release the extras are great. There are 7 short story prequels to each character as extra features on the disc. This makes the film even better overall.

The Bleeding House

A great throwback to the classic slow burn. A stranger comes into a small farm familyís home. It becomes apparent that the family has some sort of checkered past. It keeps you guessing on what the hell is going on with this family. You are also left wondering what one manís intentions towards them truly are. Extremely well acted and well written. It gives you great atmosphere and a subtle score to accompany it that makes it very inviting to watch. It is refreshing to see all the attention made in every detail to make a good film. See!! Someone still cares about what they are making.

Grave Encounters

Shaky Cam films have plagued us ever since Blair Witch Project and most seem to be unwatchable. This pokes fun at the whole Ghost Hunting TV show phenomenon. It eventually turns a corner into a much scarier and creepier vibe. The filmmaker added a few different elements that I haven't really seen from the genre before. This movie has restored my faith that shaky cam films can be scary opposed to just being a cheap gimmick. You finally get to see how these Ghost Hunters act when the meet their paranormal match.


I wanted to include a true independent release and this one fits the bill. This little film is much like a low budget 80's slasher flick. Some kids head off for a camping trip and eventually meet their demise. With a awesome killer donning a pig mask and some pretty bloody moments. Its biggest downfall is it takes a little too long to get going. When it does it has some pretty fun kills that are also original. Honestly it has some pretty funny one-liners too. These low budget films are not for everybody. I personally love them and if you do as well you should check it out for sure.

These are some of my favorites in 2011, which comes as a surprise since the earliest came at the end of August. These movies have left me happy and confident for the year to come. In the grand scheme of things to get one good horror release a month would be a pipe dream. Keeping expectations low is probably the best thing to keep all of us from hating everything. I am not saying to deal with bad film making or any other pet peeve you may have. Let's try not to build ourselves up too much for upcoming movies of 2012. Buying into hype proves to be the kiss of death time and time again.

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  1. Homicide's Avatar
    I definitely wanna check out Grave Encounters, looks pretty cool. I've also been wondering about Pork Chop, I'll certainly give it a look now.
  2. lurtz6's Avatar
    Pork Chop looks really good.
  3. 's Avatar
    The Bleeding House eh? hmmmmm
  4. dawnkatdead's Avatar
    I need to watch Grave Encounters!!!!
  5. Xander_Kane's Avatar
    No Love for The Bleeding House Gregmo?? I thought it was great but i guess you are entitled to your own opinion

    Porkchop has its faults but I still like it Grave Encounters is now on Netflix Streaming in the U.S.
  6. Dusty B's Avatar
    I feel good that at least all of these have been on my radar. Now I just need to get around to watching them.
  7. 's Avatar
    No No. My comment was to infer that I haven't seen it yet and now you have my interest peaked.
  8. Xander_Kane's Avatar
    I thought for sure that one would have hit your radar GregMo. It did some festivals and has gotten a lot of good reviews.
  9. darthballsac's Avatar
    I want to check all of these out.