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Games I Would Like Remade or Upgraded

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If you couldnít tell from my earlier blog posts, I have been gaming for over 20 years. I love games and how much they have evolved and grown to what they are now. I used to love playing many games with my friends in the same room. Those days you could smack your friend for cheating, winning, or just unplug his/her controller just to get an advantage for a second. Gaming today has very little same room gameplay with friends. The systems now really want you to play their online networks. Evolution is a way of life and I can live with some of these changes happily.

I would really like to see a few games remade or brought up to snuff with todays games. The list of games I have could be endless, so I will only mention a few for now.

Mutant League

Years ago, on the Sega Genesis there were 2 sports games made. Mutant League Hockey and Mutant League Football. These games were outrageous fun and changed sports games with ridiculous antics. The gameplay was great and just like any other hockey or football game from the day. The antics made these games great because there would be mines on the field and holes in the ice for a greater challenge. If that wasnít enough to cause an uproar, then you could always bribe the ref to make outlandish calls on the other team.

Sports games today, to me, have gotten way to complicated on the controllers for me to even try any of them out. Call me old school, but I prefer to hit 1 button to pass or shoot. If they brought back the Mutant League series with the simplified controls, I would pay a $60 price tag for those games. They could even throw in a tournament style online and make it fully up to date.

Caveman Ugh-lympics

Iím not sure if the Caveman Ugh-lympics were on any other system other than the Commodore 64. That is the only system I ever played it on. Caveman Ugh-lympics were a series of mini games you could say. They were so much fun to fit the stereotypical caveman thoughts mixed with Olympic events. Way more to the style of Cavemen though with such events as Fire Starting, Mate-Toss, and Dino-Race.

This is another game that could greatly benefit from an upgrade. Upscale the graphics and bring it to the newer systems with, possibly some online elements. I havenít seen the regular Olympic games make a splash for any of the systems today, so why not try an over the top, fun and hilarious style.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

This is a game I still play today on my Intellivision system. Dungeons & Dragons could easily be made for todays systems and put into a third or first person shooter adventure game. The first game is a great little third person style shooter that explores mountains as you travel through caves and tunnels to help find ammo and items. Iím sure this is just a boyhood dream to wish for this upgrade. There are many games today that have this style and are far better.

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  1. Homicide's Avatar
    I'm not a sports fan in the least bit, but I've been clamoring for a new version of the Mutant League games for years!!! With today's systems & graphics capabilities they'd be the shit! Fuck Madden & all those other games I couldn't care less about, bring back the Mutant League!!!
  2. darthballsac's Avatar
    Hell Yea! I tried playing the latest versions of each and just can't adapt to the new control style with the analog sticks. They should make an idiot mode. Where all we have to do is hit 1 button to pass another for speed burst. Fuck all that move the stick this way or that for a juke!
  3. Xander_Kane's Avatar
    Agreed!!! The Mutant League games were the shiznit! Dungeons and Dragons could be a a good one as well but it seems tabletop is all we will get. Caveman ugh lympics! You are digging into some old memories my friend.
  4. Boombata's Avatar
    Funny, I remember Mutant League Football at the arcades, but I've never played it. One game I would love to see updated is Altered Beast. An updated PS3 version would be killer!
  5. darthballsac's Avatar
    I think there will be more parts of games I would like updated Booms. Altered Beast was 1 of my favorite arcade games when I found it to play.
  6. Xander_Kane's Avatar
    I believe someone is working on an updated version of altered beast for PSN.. I will look into it
  7. Dusty B's Avatar
    Awesome list. There were rumors a few years ago about a new version of Mutant League, but it must have been hearsay since nothing ever materialized, sadly. I would love a new version of Eternal Champions. I used to have the Sega CD version and it was my game of choice for about two years. They were working on one for the Saturn, but Sega Japan told the American division to nix it since they didn't want to take focus away from their new Virtua Fighter, an act that pisses me off to this day.