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My Favorite Video Games of All Time Vol. #2

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2012 is the year I vowed to get back into gaming. Itís been a large part of my life since the early 1980ís but due to children, work and Killer Reviews it had taken a back seat. To put it more directly, it had taken a back seat in someone elseís car. Now, two weeks into the New Year and Iíve already logged 40 plus hours of gaming goodness. What am I playing you ask? Everything from Skyrim to Dungeon Master, and Iím loving every minute.

And now I give you the second installment of ďMy Favorite Video Games of All Time.Ē If you missed the first installment you can read that HERE. Are any of the games listed below on your favorites list? Have you ever heard of Dungeon Master? If no, would you ever seek it out?

Please comment below and thanks for taking the time to read my article!

Dungeon Master
Release Date: 1987 | Read Wiki Page
Recommended Platform: SNES/Emulator

Back in the summer of 1989 I spent countless hours parked in front of my friend's Amiga computer eating Cool Ranch Doritos while roaming through the endless grey corridors of Dungeon Master. The game works as well as it does due to its dedication to the hardcore gamer. Youíll be managing everything from your characters food intake to the amount of coins in your purse. There are lots of cool monsters to fight, lute around every corner and a ton of interesting puzzles to solve. On the downside, there is no map system, which is insane due to the sheer size of the game, but itís also a sign of the times. (Graph paper anyone?) Iíve played my share of dungeon crawlers over the years and Dungeon Master is still one of the best.

Release Date: 1985 | Read Wiki Page
Recommended Platform: NES/Arcade/Emulator

Now hereís a challenging game. I first played Gun.Smoke on the Nintendo Entertainment System and instantly fell in love. The game consists of ten or so levels that are all uniquely different. Youíll fight through countless baddies, dodge more bullets than Arnold Schwarzenegger in COMMANDO and eventually fight a boss who will most likely kill you. The difficulty of the NES version is tolerable in my opinion, but the arcade version is just brutal. Iím a Gun.Smoke vet and Iíve never gotten past the fourth stage. I think itís this difficulty that keeps me coming back year after year. The bosses are also memorable and the music is just brilliant. Man, could Capcom make great games back in the day.

Star Wars
Release Date: 1983 | Read Wiki Page
Recommended Platform: Arcade/Emulator

I first played Star Wars at a local Chucky Cheese back in the mid 1980ís. I remember being truly impressed by how the game captured the feeling of being in the movie. You had the special two-handed controller, dialogue samples from the movie, overly loud sound effects, the Star Wars theme by legendary composer John Williams and of course, the cockpit arcade cabinet. But the best part of the Star Wars arcade experience for me was the beautiful vector graphics. My thought isÖ If Iím flying an X WING Fighter in the distant future, when technology has come and gone, this is what I would think the computer screens to look like. In this mind set the game never seems dated. All these elements work together bringing the end user an authentic Star Wars experience.

Metroid Prime
Release Date: 2002 | Read Wiki Page
Recommended Platform: Nintendo Gamecube

If you were a Metroid fan prior to the release of Metroid Prime then you were wondering one thingÖ How can this series possibly work in a first person 3D environment? You and me both! To my amazement (and many others), the leap to 3D could not have been anymore successful. The game went on to sell millions of copies and receive mass critical acclaim. Metroid Prime is smart, epic and extremely polished. Youíll find yourself lost for hours in amazing environments searching for that next power-up that will allow you to advance to the next region, or backtrack to a previous region that can now be expanded. I can remember pulling all-nighters because I couldnít put the controller down. I also like the game's difficulty... challenging enough to keep my interest, but never frustrating. Great boss battles too. In the spring of 2005 I played this game all the way through in one sitting and itís a gaming memory that will stick with me forever. Metroid Prime is a masterpiece IMO.

Alice: Madness Returns
Release Date: 2011 | Read Wiki Page
Recommended Platform: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Alice: Madness Returns is a recent game that didnít garner much critical praise. Although I donít feel the game is exceptional, I do find it to be very competent and enjoyable to play. A great mix of platforming and combat, there are several cool weapons at your disposal like the pepper grinder, vorpal blade, hobby horse and ticking time bomb. There are a ton of hidden areas that lead to collectables and power-ups, so exploration is essential. And if youíre a fan of Disneyís ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1951) film, like me, then youíll be salivating over the art design. Itís as beautiful as it is creepy. As is the music. The soundtrack to Alice: Madness Returns is worth owning IMO. The game runs a little long, but there are a handful of different mini-games like puzzles and side scrolling sequences to break up the core game play. Bottom line isÖ When you combine Alice in Wonderland with horror, you had me at "hello."

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  1. killerklown's Avatar
    I wish Star Wars was out on a game system. Why wasn't that part of any atari Classics collections?
  2. dawnkatdead's Avatar
    Love me some Alice:Madness returns. Sad to say I haven't finished it yet, but maybe I'll get to it this weekend.
  3. toksikshok's Avatar
    good call on metroid prime....
    i picked up the prime trilogy last year....regretfully though i never finished all the way threw that i think about it though...i may to avoid the wife and kid for a few weeks to finish it.....
  4. Dusty B's Avatar
    Fun read. I love lists about games where it's not all about the same big name games over and over. A list like this comes across as more personal and makes it much more interesting.
  5. Butcher's Avatar
    KillerKlown - The Star Wars Arcade Game is actually an unlockable on Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike for the Gamecube.
  6. Butcher's Avatar
    Toksikshok - Metroid Prime 2 is a tad annoying because of the light and dark worlds. You'll know what I mean if you play the game. I've never played part 3 either. I just can't use the wand to play Metroid. I just can't do it.
  7. Homicide's Avatar
    I played through the entire Metroid Prime Trilogy myself last year, I thought the trilogy translated wonderfully to the Wii controls! Got 100% on all 3 games, such a great time!!!

    My earliest arcade memories are probably of the Star Wars arcade game, such a classic! Ever play the Star Wars Trilogy arcade game from the late 90s, you'd get to play through all the major battles and fight Boba Fett & Vader with a lightsaber, I LOVED that one! I wish it had been ported onto ANY system.

    Duel w/Vader:
    Updated 01-19-2012 at 05:27 PM by Homicide
  8. SecretAgent/SuperHero's Avatar
    Where's f**king Faxanadu!
  9. darthballsac's Avatar
    Nice list. Its good to see some of the older games make the list.
  10. Butcher's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SecretAgent/SuperHero
    Where's f**king Faxanadu!
    LOL! I remember that games and even finished it. Good game!