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That's deathtastic

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For someone who's dealt with more death than he'd like to admit, when I got the news today that my childhood best friend's mother had passed from her stage 4 breast cancer I was kind of taken away. You see, when my mother passed two years ago my friend and I hadn't seen each other in a few years aside from in passing. We never had a major rift, or violent fight, we just grew apart. He didn't go to my mother's funeral (his choice, I'm not angry, he's the one who has to live with not having gone to someone he loved like family's funeral.) and has seemed kind of taken aback by my offer of helping arrange the services with him and his dad in accordance with her will.

What surprised me about all of the above, was not him missing my mother's funeral, nor the two of them being unsure of my offer. The surprise for me came in their surprise, just because I've not been a major part of your lives for the past few years doesn't negate the 19 years of friendship and seeing each other EVERY day, I loved Carol (the mom) like an aunt and am both sad to see her go and happy to see her not suffer. I think we may have turned a corner and both the dad and son realize that while we haven't been that close recently, that if my family starts to feel pain I will rush to help the best I can.

I guess I had no REAL point to this blog post, I have a lot weird emotions that I'm not used to feeling. Maybe, my point is to just cherish those around you, because well... Who the fuck else are we gonna watch horror movies with?

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  1. Dusty B's Avatar
    Sorry to hear, man. It's never easy. And you're right to cherish everyone you love dearly because you just never fucking know. It's why I'm fighting so hard to get a good life for my family going while she deals with her cancer. I want her as happy and as taken care of as can be just in case it turns bad. It's good that you're there for people and able to help out. They may be surprised now, but they'll look back someday and realize you were there for them and it'll mean a lot to them. Hope things get better for you soon.
  2. cducharme's Avatar
    Thanks for the well wishes, I passed on the good energy at her services for you. I'm glad to hear you're being the rock for the loved one in your life who is dealing with the big C and I hope for complete remission for her, after all as I said in that last line... Who else will we watch our movies with?!?!
  3. cducharme's Avatar
    Update, looks almost like I should have waited a week or two. My childhood friend who was murdered recently