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Silent Hill: Downpour- More Psycho Scares and Puzzles, Less Gunplay.

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Most of us are aware that Silent Hill: Downpour failed to deliver on its original release time when last November came and went without even a mention of its release.

However, as the new release date enters our radar (scheduled March 13th launch) the game’s producer, Devin Shatsky (it’s okay; you can laugh- he probably won’t read this) has revealed some interesting new directions the series will be taking in this next big release.

First off, Downpour looks to be going back to the game-design of Silent Hill 2 – placing a focus on the world and enemies and their connection to Murphy’s (the protagonist) background. This obviously has diehard Silent Hill fans rejoicing as it means an end to random demonic nurses attacking every time the flashlight is utilized.

In fact, Shatsky admits these monsters were one of the mistakes of Homecoming (the 6th installment of the series, 2007): “introducing monsters from previous games...didn’t really make sense. The core fans called us out on that, and rightfully so.”*

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According to the developers, the goal seems to be an aim for realism – they’ll be limits placed on how much you can carry; weak weapons will break; weather will change and, presumably, influence the monsters that are encountered... Overall, it seems like Downpour will be going in a direction which encourages gamers to explore; a wonderful facet of the survival horror genre.

Furthermore, in relation to this newfound strive fro realism, Shatsky points out that the protagonist’s dynamics will be much more important in the game, especially when it comes to the “survival” aspects. He notes that, “The health system has also seen quite a few changes. There’s no HUD; all that information is tied directly to the character, so he’ll limp, bleed, his clothing will develop holes…we tried to focus as much on realism as possible.” *

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For those like myself who are huge fans of the survival horror genre, Silent Hill: Downpour is set to be available on March 13th for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. However, if you’re new to the series, you can catch up on everything that is Silent Hill with the HD Collection which was made available this past February.

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  1. Dusty B's Avatar
    All great things to hear. Silent Hill's been my favorite game series for years now so I get excited for any new release, even if some of the games aren't as good as others. It's really nice to hear that the focus is on the story and atmosphere since that's what makes the series to me. Only downside is we're still not getting new Akira Yamaoka music.
  2. darthballsac's Avatar
    I never got into Silent Hill like I did Resident Evil. I kinda likes Parasite Eve from the original Playstation too.
  3. toksikshok's Avatar a 4.5 out of 10 at ign
  4. JohnnyWayne_'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by toksikshok a 4.5 out of 10 at ign
    True, but so did "I Am Alive" and that game has gotten SOLID reviews from elsewhere. I'm really not trying to sound jaded, but IGN reviews get a bit "out of sorts" at times-- because of factors I could only speculate. I mean honestly- they gave MW3 an almost perfect score, and we all know how that turned out. I could be completely off here, but SH is getting some good feedback. See another review here:
  5. cducharme's Avatar
    I've yet to try it, but hey I did get a new beast of a PC in sept. Time to put it to use!