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Dead Stars Drive-In

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With a band name like Stellar Corpses they should have been on my radar. Sadly they were not until I heard their newest album. ” Dead Stars Drive-In “was released recently and I heard a review of it and I liked the little bit I heard so I bought it. These guys are from Santa Cruz and have musical influences ranging from Elvis to Megadeath. They have a horror punk/rockabilly sound if you had to narrow it down to something specific. Many of their songs have horror themed names and lyrics. It is not as cheesy as one might think. In fact this album is pretty damn good from start to finish.

The first track is entitled “Evil Dead” and guess what it is about? That’s right folks you will be singing along with this in no time at all. I know these guys mean business with this song by letting you know they are going to kick you in the face and you will like it. High energy and fun lyrics get your interest from the get go. For me this is a big deal because if you can’t get my attention by the first track I am less likely to be excited about the rest of the album. As you listen through you will be singing all the woooahs and ooooooohs. You really want to see these guys live and be a part of the show but alas you are only listening on your IPod. You are teased by a slow song with “Be Still My Heart” but they manage to get the energy going while still keeping it an endearing song.

The guys in Stellar Corpses are obviously talented and love to perform .We get guest vocals from Michale Graves from The Misfits and other guests include Hunter Burgan and Jade Puget of AFI fame. It is great to see that they are working with great people. The album was produced by Joe McGrath (AFI, Tiger Army, Alkaline Trio) so the album was in good hands from the beginning. What stood out to me in the music was the standup bass. And yes I know many Rockabilly bands use them. The great thing about this album is the stand up bass is there but never overpowering the music around it. In my experience sometimes that is all you can hear and the other music gets lost. Since they worked with some great people and have plenty of music knowledge of their own they completely avoid this mistake.

So in a nutshell this album kicks major ass. And if you don’t get it you will be missing out when they come to blow the doors off of whatever venue they play at a town near you. So put on this album and sing along with me. “ Baby, Baby come and save me from the Evil Dead”

Notable Tracks
Evil Dead
Twisted Fantasy
Vampire Kiss
Blood Red

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  1. dawnkatdead's Avatar
    Very cool! I think I heard about these guys awhile ago, but never gave them a listen. Thanks Xander!
  2. toksikshok's Avatar
    very cool.....i got their first album, which is fucking epic a while ago and have been anxiously waiting this one
    nothing warms my heart like seeing some psychobilly love
    cheers xander
  3. Dusty B's Avatar
    Thanks! I hadn't heard of these guys and it's always nice to find new psychobilly bands.
  4. Xander_Kane's Avatar
    Yeah.. These guys are really cool I have chatted with them a few times on twitter. I figured i would spread the word about these guys. Thanks for the comments