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Killer Book Reviews: Olden by James Newman

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First and foremost, I want to apologize. James Newman, the author of this book, sent me a digital copy because he is awesome. What he probably doesnít know is that I am the worldís worst fan. He is always asking me for feedback on his work and I greatly enjoy reading his work. I want him to know that I literally received this book and stayed up reading it until it I had finished it. I love it and Iíve re-read it a few times. I received this book the day I returned home from visiting family for Christmas. Yep, Christmas. I swore I wasnít going to let it get to be April before I wrote the damn review. However, due to a severe case of seasonal depression and grad school, it is now March 27th so her goes.

Iíve read a lot of Mr. Newmanís work. Like all but one book that I am still trying to track down. I am a sucker for horror novels. I grew up reading Poe (no shit, no lie, I had picture book verison of the Pit and the Pendulium...doesnít that explain a lot?) and while a lot of nights I stayed awake under the covers, protecting my stuffed animals from the monsterís in my head, I couldnít get enough. Luckily, unlike Poe, James is still writing and feeding my imagination new material.

Olden is the best kind of story. Scattered, terrifying, mutlideminsional. It truly captures the human emotion in nearly impossible situations. No matter how hard you try, you canít help but panic and be terrified with the characters. One of Mr. Newmanís true talents as a writer is his ability to portray fear and pass it along to the reader. He is also a master of the multideminsional story. He is able to weave together individual stories from all of the characters to create one story which places the reader directly in the middle of the action. He allows you to both observe from the outside to understand the impending disaster while stand in the middle of the room, terrified and unable to move.

The Zombie thing has been done. Frankly, it has been done to death. Even the most hardcore zombie fans are finding much of the trendy hype old at best. This is the zombie apocolype done right because it hasnít been done before. The great thing about this story is that it not only apeals to the zombie enthusist but to those who are sick of it. Mr. Newman is able to create his own vision which is not only terrifying but new, creative, and different. Donít believe me? Check it out for yourself.

You can purchase Mr. Newmanís latest novella Olden here:
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  1. dawnkatdead's Avatar
    Very cool! You're right on point with the zombie fans. I love my zombies, always have, but lately it all just seems lame. Good ideas out there. But the world has been influtrated with Zombies, and frankly I find myself kind of over it ( ). But it sounds like there's new hope out there. Gonna have to get my hands on this.
  2. Nekrochick's Avatar
    It is rather awesome! You should definitely check it out.
  3. J.N.'s Avatar
    Thanks so much, my friend. You're too kind. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    DawnKatDead: I look forward to hearing what you think, if you do give OLDEN a shot. Like Nekrochick said, it's my take on the whole zombie craze . . . but without a single undead flesh-eater in sight. I'm sick of them myself.