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Ending Sold Seperately

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As a lover of video games I found this news to be rather odd and highly disturbing.
After the debacle that was the mass effect ending there was some speculation that perhaps bioware was saving the real ending for future dlc, which sounds like a crooked dickheaded move, but it turns out that that scenario is more likely then originally thought.

Capcom announced that it will soon be releasing the true ending for their game Asura's Wrath later next month. Which is well and good but they will be charging a nominal fee for said ending. I luckily was not one of the folks to play this game but from what i understand the ending that is already in the game leaves the story open for a sequel, which is what fans were expecting. Unfortunatly for them it was just a case of being set up to purchase the actual ending of the game at a later date....

If this concept actually succeeds this is going to lead down a dangerously unpopular road for the video game industry. Not only are they selling their "finished" product for at least 59.99$ they are producing new downloadable content which can also range from around 4.99$ to 15.99$, now tack on the fact that in order to get the actual ending to the story, you gotta dish out another 9.99$. I personally have no problem with these guys adding on additional paid content, it can extend the life of a game that would normally be collecting dust on the shelf, but to stoop so low as to hold out the ending for another fee is completely out of control.

We, the gamers, realize it is the right of these video game companies to do this, but it is a sleazy move, that if adopted by more and more companies, will eventually bite this industry in the ass. How would you like to go to a movie and 10 minutes before the end the movie stops and the ushers ask you for another 10$ to see the finale? The movie theater would probably be burned down.

Lets hope that this doesnt become the new norm in the video games cause at this point gamers are tired of being fucked with. Bioware's going back to fix the piss poor ending for ME3 because of fan outrage, probably to be available for a monimal fee, and I hope to hear that the fans of Asura's Wrath tell capcom to shove the fee for the "true" ending up their collective arses.

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  1. Dusty B's Avatar
    I agree completely. This type of shit is the one thing that makes me wish I could actually stop caring about games. Every game has to nickle and dime you now. And Capcom's the worst of them all. There's word now that all the upcoming dlc characters for Street Fighter vs. Tekken are already on the disc. Companies are deliberately holding off on giving us stuff that's already finished just to get more money, a practice that never existed until this generation. It's a major reason why I never buy games for more than $15 anymore.
  2. Butcher's Avatar
    Great blog post dude!

    Big Business will always try and get every last penny from the customer and as time goes by it seems to get worse and worse. This goes for everythying from Capcom to Comcast. I just choose to vote with my wallet. If I think the company is doing something shady I just won't support them. To tack on the "real" ending of a game for an added cost is shameful. I'm glad that I'm not playing Mass Effect.
  3. toksikshok's Avatar
    thanks meng
    this is just the beginning of this type of shit, which like dusty pointed out has been building this entire generation of gaming and i dont think people are gonna take this shit much longer, at least i hope.
    as for the mass effect issue, i plan on doing a write up in the next couple days. i liken it to your break up with hollywood
  4. mazthegreat's Avatar
    I really like mass effect 3 and the multiplayer I think is damn right awesome. I have close friends that I play multiplayer with so that could make my experience so much better. Now, the ending was a little...well, it was interesting but I didn't really get all up in arms about it. Maybe because I don't feel passionate about the Mass Effect series. I'm a fan for sure but I guess I would feel outraged if it was a game I loved. Real quick, I feel like the indie scene will get bigger and better. Better by making games that have a lot of nostalgic feel in them. Guys and gals that are mostly are age are doing fantastic things with indie games. I only see good things and a bigger future for them. I could play another Zelda game that is exactly like A link from the past for the Super NES... Man I can dream and hope for it =]
  5. mazthegreat's Avatar
    oh, my fuck you to these corporations that some I grew up loving, Capcom. They will getl less and less my money until they'll never get a dollar from me again. 1 down millions to go.
  6. cducharme's Avatar
    Makes me glad I pirated Mass Effect 3! Whoops, did I say that out loud? It's says something though, that a pirated version of the game is a more user friendly experience AND I didn't get fucked with a shitty ending that they are gonna charge MORE to actually end in a satisfying way. Bad business on Bioware's part, as well as any company that thinks of doing that. Now before I get all the "Piracy is wrong, and you're an evil bastard who's ruining games" speeches. Know this, if I like a game and it's worth it I will happily buy it. But most of these big companies have NOT earned my money in a very long time, with the lower quality of actual gameplay and over-emphasis on graphics/multiplayer big companies have not earned the right to take my money. Now the little guys? They get my money everytime I play their game more than an hour or two, why? There are a few reasons, three big ones though.

    #1 affordability - just like anything else in life, price REALLY affects my decisions, should I spend 50$ on a big budget title that will give me around 50 hours of gameplay (really rare, most big games can be finished in under 20 hours) OR should I buy a 35$ independent title (in my case usually sports management simulations or some other simulation) that will give me untold hours (I purchased one game in 2007 for 35$, called Front Office Football, I've sunk at least 1000 hours into that game and STILL get surprised by my results/gameplay).
    #2 Quality - Big budget producers focus on what the "masses" want. Well the masses wouldn't know a good game if it bit them in the ass. Plug in a super nintendo and put A link to the Past in, any gamer my age or older will go on a great nostalgia kick, but if they are younger than me? All they can complain about is the graphics, or lack of multiplayer. They'd totally ignore the chance to play a game that is easily one of the best EVER MADE. So why would I want to play a title designed to appeal to people with no appreciation for gameplay? Short answer, I wouldn't.

    #3 Where's the single player at? Have you seriously tried to play a major studios game now-a-days? It's all multiplayer this, multiplayer that and a 4 hour campaign. REALLY? If I buy a game I don't expect to be dependent on others to play it (unless it's a MMO, and guess what, I don't buy/play those because well... Fuck other people!) I expect a quality experience playing the game by myself! Whatever happened to us nerds being solitary beasts?

    Anyway that's enough from this old curmudgeon I'm gonna go yell at those bastard kids to get off my lawn!
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