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Top 10 Modern Day Exploitation Films

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Exploitation films
Films made with little or no attention to quality or artistic merit but with an eye to a quick profit, usually via high-pressure sales and promotion techniques emphasizing some sensational aspect of the product.

Back when these movies were being made as authentic pieces of cinema, they used to have little or no care at all about the actual movie itself. They would usually come up with the title and marketing before they even had a story let alone the movie being filmed. Profit reigned supreme and what better way to make a quick buck than to make shocking story’s with loads of nudity and violence. American grind house theatres would regularly have double features. The term grind house actually comes from grinding out the movies as fast as possible.

Fast forward to the future and you will find many movies paying homage to that wild time in film history. Directors like Quinton Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez may have sparked the flame for many modern exploitation films, but they never really stopped being made. As long as you have people making movies with a passion for over the top sex, violence, and sensationalism, I don’t see them fading away anytime soon.

The following is my list of the top 10 modern exploitation films. I’m sure I missed a bunch but that’s because I have never seen or heard of them. Please feel free to inform me in the comments if I missed anything that should be mentioned.

Number 10

Trailer -

Nude Nuns With Big Guns

This sister is one bad mother.

A nun brainwashed, drugged, and abused by the church gets a message from God to unleash her own brand of justice to the corrupt clergy.

Joseph Guzman’s second stab at the genre which doesn’t quite live up to Run! Bitch run! But at the same time manages to create the feel and mood of a 70’s exploitation - or should I say nunsploitation flick. The breast are plenty but not the cream of the crop in nudity. Outlaw bikers, nude nuns, big guns, and plenty of rape make up this disaster. Now I say disaster because it is a bad movie. But it still makes the bottom of my list because over half of the real exploitation films from the 70’s and 80’s are truly bad movies with cool parts. And that’s what this is. Even though I was turned off by this movie I hope the director keeps making theses type of trashy films. Because that’s what it's all about. Bad acting, Bad effects, Bad motherfuckers.

Number 9

Warning 18+ Contains Nudity Trailer -

Black Devil Doll

Who will survive? What will be left of them? Will their virginity be intact?

A serial “white woman” killer is resurrected through the power of the Ouija board, banging and killing more white women and not always in that particular order.

Here we go, let the blood and nudity flow. Black devil doll the low budget pervfest from the mind of Jonathan Louis Lewis. This film has the most nudity on my list and you get exactly what you would expect. A puppet screwing and spewing all over everything in sight. This movie was actually allot better than I expected it to be. Genuinely funny in parts, and cheesy as it gets. Don’t expect anything else but what it is, a killer “white woman” raping puppet on a perverted rampage.

Number 8

Trailer -

Black Dynamite

He’s super bad. He’s out of sight. He’s Black Dynamite.

A former CIA agent tries to avenge his brother's death and keep the streets clean.

Blacksploitation at its finest. Combine all the classic movies like Avenging Disco Godfather, Dolomite, Shaft, Superfly, Coffy, etc, etc, and you get Black Dynamite. Shot on super 16 reversal Kodak film stock to make it look like something from that era. This movie could be way higher on my list but I feel it is to much of a comedy if that make any sense. The old Blacksploitation films mostly weren’t trying to be funny, they just ended up being that way. This movie makes me laugh the whole way through. And it has some pretty kick ass kung fu as well.

Number 7

Trailer -

Run! Bitch Run!

Two catholic school girls pick the wrong house to go a knocking.

Joseph Guzman brings us this tale of rape/revenge in Run! Bitch Run! A throwback to movies from the past like I spit on your grave and Mrs. 45. To me it seems like the music is a knockoff of Planet Terror and a nurse outfit plays a part near the end reminiscent of Kill Bill. But even with all these things that are borrowed I still think this is a pretty good “you rape me, I’m going to kill you” movie. The acting is terrible like many of these films that don’t have the budget of the big names. But that’s totally fine with me because it makes it more authentic to the era. You feel for these girls and it definitely delivers.

Number 6

Fake Trailer -
Feature Trailer -


If you’re going to hire Machete to kill the bad guy, you better make damn sure the bad guy isn’t you.

Danny Trejo in full effect as the deadly Machete. Robert Rodriguez’s feature film adaptation of the fake movie trailer made for the grind house double feature. Over the top action and adventure are sure to please any fans of the genre. A sequel and possibly a third film are to follow the ex-federally one man killing machine with the biggest cojones. Plus Steven Seagal as a bad guy and Lindsay Lohan as a gun toting nun. Need I say more?

Number 5

Trailer -

Dear God No

When the blood begins to flow, who will be left to scream…

A vicious motorcycle gang know as the Impailers pick the wrong house for a home invasion.

This film hits harder than most on the list for an exploitation film because the director used Fuji super 16mm film and Arri cameras to produce the effects of a real B-movie from the past. As well as all the explosions, stunts, gore, monsters, and guns were all practical. No computer generated effects. The acting is far from good but that’s what you should expect from a movie like this. The Impailers are certainly badass but not as badass as the almighty Bigfoot….yeah that’s right Bigfoot!

Number 4

Trailer -

Death Proof

White-hot terror at 200 mph!

Quentin Tarantino’s throwback to classic car chase movies like Vanishing Point and Bullitt. While there is quite a bit of girl talk in this film it still pays off for the car scenes. Stuntman Mike is one cool cat taking innocent girls live with his 1970 dodge challenger all for his perverted adrenalin rushes. Old school car chases filmed with few special effect to stay true to the days of old. This film to me is like fine wine, it gets better with age. every time I watch it I seem to appreciate it that much more. Also a few characters from Planet Terror mesh into the storyline seeing as QR an RR took a collaborative view on the making of both films.

Number 3

Trailer -

Planet Terror

Fully loaded.

Robert Rodriguez’s action packed tale of a bio chemical agent DC2 nicknamed planet terror that is unleashed on the world. The movie follows a handful of colourful characters trying to survive their infected surroundings. This movie is a real trip and a super fun time. You get everything you need for an exploitation type film. Grainy camera work, missing reels, blood, guts, demented doctors, and a machine gun legged Go-Go Dancer.
The music composed by Robert Rodriguez himself fits the bill perfectly. This film maybe has the highest budget on the list but every frame is killer.

Number 2

Trailer -

Fathers Day

Lock up Your Fathers.
A one eyed man, a male prostitute, and a priest set out to kill a serial killer/rapist that targets fathers.

Sounds like a joke almost, but its not. I was lucky enough to see this movie at a screening in the good old USA. This film isn’t even release until June 12.
I must say if you are a fan of this kind of 80s grindhouse type of cinema, this would be a must own for you. I contemplated giving this the number 1 slot in my list but I have only seen it once.
I believe when I see it again it will probably be my #1. I am not going to say anything about the movie until it gets its release. But I will say that lock your fathers up because you will take one hell of
a ride into one of the coolest horror movies I have ever seen. And the old 80s synth music is some of the best I’ve heard.

A limited edition 3-disc version of FATHER’S DAY will be released on June 12, just in time for Father’s Day.
It’s the perfect gift for your dad. Only 10,000 copies will be available, and the release will contain the film on blu-ray, a making-of documentary on DVD and a CD soundtrack

Number 1

Fake Trailer -
Feature Trailer -

Hobo With A Shotgun
Delivering justice, one shell at a time...
A hobo drifts into a ruthless town and takes revenge on all the scumbags.

A movie that started from a fake trailer made for 150$ went on to win a competition put on by SXSW film festival and Robert Rodriguez. The trailer then got a release in Canadian theatres in a spot between Planet Terror and Death proof in the Grindhouse double feature.

This movie is insane its got everything you could want in an exploitation film. hobos, shotguns, boobies, blood, murder, mayhem, the plague, did I mention a hobo with a shotgun!

The music has that feel of 70s/80s. And it was filmed in Technicolor for christ sake.

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  1. 's Avatar
    Fantatsic list and wonderful article. Father's Day was F-U-C-K-E-D!

    I have to get my hands on Dear God No. It's articles like this that bring titles to people that they might not have heard of before. Mucho thanko.
  2. Dusty B's Avatar
    Great list. There's a number on there I've been meaning to check out.

    I'm always torn on movies like these. On one hand, it bugs me when filmmakers rely on cribbing older movies, but on the other they can be pretty damn entertaining so I don't know.
  3. Dark Deadite313's Avatar
    Wow this was fantastic man!! I have to catch a few of these! Thanks so much for taking your time and writing this! Solid 5 outta 5!
  4. Boombata's Avatar
    I have heard of "Black Devil Doll From Hell". Is that Devil Doll movie have a connection to Devil Doll From Hell? A Sequel of sorts? A Prequel? Just curious
  5. Dusty B's Avatar
    No, I believe the director, Shawn Lewis, said it was just an homage to the older movie since he was cribbing the basic concept from it for his movie.
  6. UNCLE FRANK's Avatar
    Yeah Dusty is right, the concept of the doll is from the original but not much more. I think. Never seen the original. Thanks everyone for your comments!
  7. cducharme's Avatar
    Black Devil Doll is one of my favorite recent films. I mean, any film with an anti-piracy ad telling you not to be a jive ass nigro is A+ in my book
  8. Gronith's Avatar
    Would the House of the Devil fit this genre too? Even though it doesn't go out to spoof it as much as most of these flix.
  9. Boombata's Avatar
    I've seen the original Black Devil Doll From Hell. Its filmed on a video camera, and I'm still shocked i was able to rent it in a video store. I was convinced that it was made by couple of kids because they were bored one weekend. It's so bad, but good if you watch it with a bunch of friends to rag on. We did that in highschool. I'm surprised someone wanted to make another movie on a killer, raping doll, but hey what else is new lol.