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Agent 88: web series review

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Whoever said you couldn't grow old gracefully and still maintain an active lifestyle into your Golden Years needs a well-placed roundhouse from quite possibly THE baddest granny ever to strap on a couple of Beretta 9mms under her bathrobe, Agent 88.

This recently released web-series from director Digger T. Mesch (Ultraviolet) tells the story of Agent 88, one of the world's greatest unknown assasins......come to think of it...SHE probably doesn't know it see, she is battling Alzheimer's Disease while kicking mass-quantities of criminalistic ass. Kay D'Arcy (Criminal Minds) plays the elderly British liquidator, who lives in Los Angeles and happily performs her slick and deadly duties while posing under the guise of a venerable citizen....or is she posing ? Shopping at the local market (and paying with large allotments of pennies) supply just a quick dosage of her normal activity level during this 15 minute video short, but when she (stumbles ?) upon a mafia interrogation of a reputed criminal, Agent 88 spins her dusty wheels in motion and delivers a prison-style beating that would rival any seen on TV or behind a maximum-security wall.

The video is ripe with hilarious moments, and at the risk of ruining it all for you, it must be seen to be believed. It contains numerous cameos from such celebs as Damion Poitier (Thanos- Marvel's Avengers), Scott Vance (The Dead Pool), & Joseph Gatt (Star Trek: Into Darkness). The action is fast and intense, and the humor will make you laugh till it hurts. The pilot episode can be viewed at - so head on over and give it a look, it's well worth the time. Overall, one can only hope that we can see more of Agent 88 carrying out more of her geriatric judicature upon the evil-doers of the world...I mean, you can't stay cooped up in the old folks' home forever, right ?

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