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Thread: New Spider-Man Blu-Rays Due in July

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    GregMO ROberts

    Default New Spider-Man Blu-Rays Due in July

    Marvel.com has announced that the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy is about to get an upgrade. The three films will be released again on blu-ray format on July 3rd and have the following features:

    New to the "Spider-Man" Blu-ray:

    - “Spider Sense Trivia Challenge” -- Rise to the ultimate web-slinging challenge as you test your "Spider-Man" movie knowledge in this over feature trivia game. Do you have the spider sense to achieve the highest score?
    - “The Spider-man Cutting Room” -- Create and share your own video using clips and music from the movie!
    - New collectible O-Ring packaging
    - "Spider-Man" Blu-ray Bonus Features Also Include:
    - Filmmakers and Cast Commentary Sam Raimi, Laura Ziskin, Grant Curtis, and Kirsten Dunst
    - Visual Effects Designer & Crew Commentary John Dykstra & Special Effects Crew
    - Tobey Maguire and J.K. Simmons Commentary
    - “Spider-Man: The Mythology of the 21st Century”
    - HBO Making of "Spider-Man"
    - “Spider-Mania” an E! Entertainment Special
    - Director Profile: Sam Raimi
    - Composer Profile: Danny Elfman
    - Costume Design Featurette
    - Seven Behind The Scenes of "Spider-Man" Featurettes
    - Screen Tests with Tobey Maguire, J.K. Simmons, and CGI Spider-Man
    - Costume and Makeup Tests
    - Gag/Outtake Reel
    - Six Muti-angle Webisodes
    - Music Video: “Hero” performed by Chad Kroeger and featuring Josey Scott. Performed by Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, Saliva vocalist Josey Scott, Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron, and Theory Of A Dead Man guitarist Tyler Connolly
    - Music Video: “What We're All About” performed by Sum 41

    New to the "Spider-Man 2" Blu-ray:

    - New collectible O-Ring packaging

    "Spider-Man 2" Blu-ray Bonus Features Also Include:

    - Commentary with cast and crew (Theatrical Version)
    - Technical commentary (Theatrical Version)
    - Commentary with Producer Laura Ziskin and Screen Writer Alvin Sargent(Extended Version)
    - Blooper Reel
    - 12 Part Making of -- Making the Amazing Featurette
    - Hero in Crisis Featurette
    - Ock-Umentary Featurette
    - Five-Part Visual Effects Breakdown

    New to the "Spider-Man 3" Blu-ray:

    New collectible O-Ring packaging

    - "Spider-Man 3" Blu-ray Bonus Features Also Include:
    - Commentary with Director and Cast
    - Filmmaker Commentary
    - Bloopers
    - Concept Gallery: Sketches
    - Concept Gallery: Paintings
    - Concept Gallery: Sculptures
    - Photo Gallery: Special Effects
    - Photo Gallery: Director and Cast
    - Music Video: “Signal Fire” by Snow Patrol

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    but the new movie is comgin out in july......
    we cant have more then one spiderman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by toksikshok View Post
    but the new movie is comgin out in july......
    we cant have more then one spiderman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I read this while hearing Arnold's voice thanks to your avatar and cracked the fuck up.

    Sounds good to me. I had to sell off my entire blu collection so I'm sure I'll end up picking these back up eventually.

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    It seems like Columbia is Jeleous or desperate? Can't think of which it is?

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    I wasn't interested until I saw the truck load of extra content. I'm not picking this up any time soon, but if the price is right (years from now) I would snag it for sure. Mini Butch is loving these Spider Man movies at the moment.
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    Eh, I'll just stick to my ol DVDs for the Raimi flicks, but I'm sure the new one will be Blu all the way, looks fucking great!
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