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Thread: Silent Night, Deadly Night To Be Rebooted

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    GregMO ROberts

    Default Silent Night, Deadly Night To Be Rebooted

    To reboot or not to reboot? That is no longer the question.

    If anyone is surprised at what the Hollywood machine is rechurning then they are not paying attention. Hollywood, long void of original ideas outside of a Fincher or Nolan is continuing its assault on the 1980’s and 90’s and rebooting anything that made at least $1 at the box office.

    The latest example comes courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment. They have announced that they are looking to reboot the horror film Silent Night, Deadly Night that stars a murderous Santa.

    The original Silent Night, Deadly Night (it spawned many a sequel) was released in 1984 and told the story about an abused boy who dons a Santa suit and begins cutting and hacking people on Christmas Eve. Classic – no. But it was fun at the time.

    Malcolm McDowell, who is no stranger to the horror movie reboot thanks to his roles in Rob Zombie’s Halloween films, will play Sheriff Cooper in the reboot that is being sold as a “modern adaptation”.

    The reboot will distance itself from the original by using a simpler title, Silent Night, and is expected to fall into theatres sometime (wait for it….) around (wait for it…..) Christmas (booya!).

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    Hey, this actually sounds intriguing.
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    I LOVE the original. One of the most underrated slashers of the 80's. It had everything. Not sure how this one will turn out, but I'll check it out.

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    And people wonder why there are so many pirates... Who would want to pay to see the same shit redone over and over again?
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    I feel so bad for all of you. They've tricked you again. Seriously...you guys are all gonna hate the remake and they will have ripped you off again. Don't go. At least wait until it comes out on DVD and you can rent it for $1 instead of pay $40 to go with your girlfriend. Have strength fellow KR fans.

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    I havent seen the original. I will have to check this out first.


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