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Thread: Grim Reaper May Appear in Bill & Ted 3

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    GregMO ROberts

    Default Grim Reaper May Appear in Bill & Ted 3

    I have to admit, I don’t remember much about the Bill & Ted adventures of the 1980’s. I remember the characters (a bit), I remember George Carlin, I remember the time travel and I remember William Sadler.

    William Sadler is one of my favourite bit actors and he has appeared in The Shawshank Redemption, The Mist and Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight. Although, I would have to say that my favourite appearance was watching Sadler crash planes and be a thorn in John McClane’s ass in Die Hard 2.

    But I also remember Sadler as the Grim Reaper in the Bill & Ted series and now that Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are working on a third instalment, I wondered if my favourite form of death would be asked back. Movieweb spoke to William Sadler and it seems he doesn’t know quite yet either.

    “:I'm not sure if it's a done deal yet. I know they're trying to write The Grim Reaper in. (Writer-star) Alex (Winter) said, 'How could we do this without the Reaper?' I'm hopeful. I'd love to go back and play with those guys again. That was one of the most fun roles I've done. I'll be there in a heartbeat, if they want to do it.” said Sadler.

    I am at least thankful – no, change that – I am very thankful that Sadler is willing and able to reprise the role. After all, Sadler showed us that the Reaper isn’t all bad. He can shop AND play bass.

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    Oh, man. They can't make a third without him. The second's my favorite primarily because of him. He's probably one of the funniest characters I've seen in a movie.

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    I would love to see the reaper make an appearance I hope they make a movie that is good.

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    I love the first 2, the 3rd could be a good nostalgeic* type movie
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