For those of you that were impressed with the IMAX opening of The Dark Knight or the IMAX footage of Bane in the 6-minute preview of The Dark Knight Rises – we have some great news! Chris Nolan told The Wall Street Journal that The Dark Knight Rises (opening July 20th) will have over 60 minutes of IMAX footage!

Wow! That means The Dark Knight Rises will have the biggest use of the format in a Hollywood film.

Did I say “Wow!”?

In a theatrical world that seems hell-bent on shoving 3D down our throats, it is nice to see that some masters from behind the camera connect and know what audiences really want. We want big, big BIG and loud, loud, LOUD. Of course, IMAX also means better picture quality having been shot on 65mm.

A new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will appear coupled with the release of Marvel’s The Avengers the first week of May.