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Thread: Tim Burton Collection Comes To Blu-Ray

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    GregMO ROberts

    Default Tim Burton Collection Comes To Blu-Ray

    I don’t know if I can sit through a marathon of Tim Burton films. No denying his movies are incredibly visual. They have a style all to themselves and you can easily identify one of Burton’s films after just a few seconds of footage. But can I watch more than 3 Burton films in one sitting? Well, I guess I will find out.

    On May 1st, Amazon will be shilling The Tim Burton Collection on blu-ray. The collection includes seven works from Burton including Pee Wee’s Big Adventures, Beetlejuice, Batman, Batman Returns, Mars Attacks!, Corpse Bride and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. –What? No Edward Scissorhands?

    Amazon is listing the pre-order price of only $47.99 for the collection which works out to less than $7 per blu-ray. There are no details on whether the set will include any special features but it will include a hard-cover book of some sorts.

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    That's a very nice price for that, even if it comes with his version of Wonka. Pretty much a round up of everything he's done for Warner Brothers, which is why you don't see Scissorhands in there. That's a Fox property.

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    Thanks a great price, but I'm not interested at all. I would buy Pee Wee if it's available separately. But I have most of the others.
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