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Thread: KillerSlant - Week of May 12

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    Default KillerSlant - Week of May 12

    Kim Kardashian says that she wants to run for mayor of Glendale, California in five years
    Lawmakers are not scrambling to determine if she is even in fact a resident of Glendale since her ass stretches to San Diego

    James Cameron says that he will only make Avatar movies going forward
    Really hoping True Lies 2: Avatar Adventure is in there somewhere

    Jennifer Love Hewitt says she’s had nightmares about her breasts shrinking
    That makes two of us

    Woody Allen and Lindsay Lohan spotted having dinner together
    It is assumed the conversation went something like this: “Why the fuck are you at my table Lindsay?”

    Mila Kunis helps save a man’s life after he suffers a violent seizure
    Just like she helped save the tissue and tube sock industry amongst young men

    Charlize Theron tells reporter “If I knew that 3-D was going to be such a big deal, I would have gotten that boob job 10 years ago!”
    Says Steve Buscemi, “If I knew that High Definition was going to be such a big deal, I would have had a Face-Off 10 years ago!”

    With The Avengers reaping in nearly $1 billion in record time, Disney is quickly looking at other ways to exploit the franchise
    Look for Tony Stark and Thor to launch a new brand of toothpaste called Armour & Hammer

    Prometheus is officially given an ‘R’
    Sorry Hollywood, I forget – does ‘R’ stand for Reboot, Retread or Remake?

    Actress Anna Faris is pregnant and says she wants husband Chris Pratt to videotape the birth in a few months
    The video will have the tentative title of Scary Movie 6

    With the scene stealing Hulk in The Avengers, Disney is rethinking another Hulk movie
    It will be a feature length film which will be tough since Hulk is usually in shorts

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    Charlize Theron with boobs and Jennifer Love Hewitt without boobs, wonder how the world would be different
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