Hi all! You may remember me as The Cutter (horror guy that used to review horror movies on youtube and do some horror podcasts) but I wanted to share with you another project that I've been working on this year. Recently I've been pretty busy trying to get this off the ground, it's called Colossal Blob!


Colossal Blob is a card game that we've been working on for a little while now. Everyone plays as a blob trying to grow bigger and bigger until you finally become the Colossal Blob! Of course, other blobs will try to stop you by biting, trapping and stealing.

Another cool thing about this campaign is that it's a top 5 finalist with the Great Game Challenge of 2016 from Hasbro! If we can get it funded and have a good showing, Hasbro will want to publish the game and put it in retail stores to boot! But I will need help to get it there.

It's only $14 to back it ($10 for the game and $4 to ship it) so it's a pretty cheap entry level for a fun game. Every little bit helps support it too so if you can even help out with just a dollar donation, that would be awesome!. There are other levels as well that include a lot of different fun things like a plush blob, custom cards and drawings!

Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks in advance for helping me back the blobs!