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Thread: Episode 15: July 2010 - Indi Filmmakers

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    Default Episode 15: July 2010 - Indi Filmmakers

    No-Budget filmmakers Henrique Couto and Joe Kolbek crash the podcast to discuss the trials and tribulations of making/selling indie movies, the great DVD Giveaway and more!

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    I very much enjoyed this episode Mike. I love hearing from indie filmmakers and getting an inside look into the process of filmmaking. Your guests were awesome too. I couldn't believe how much they knew about Alternative Cinema.

    Where was Mr. Fedele? He wasn't on last months podcast either. Is he not doing the podcast anymore?

    Oh... And thanks for the awesome Killer Reviews plug.
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    John is a stay-at-home dad. His schedule has been really tight. Hope to have him back soon!

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