"Top 10 Kick-Butt Female Comic Book Characters
Jul 25 2010 Posted in Entertainment by Dina

You know them. You love them. You might just have a fantasy or two about them. Heroines in comic books have been rocking our world for decades, so it’s time we showed our appreciation with a list of the top 10 most awesome female comic book characters. Strap yourselves in, there’s a lot of estrogen-fueled butt kicking ahead.

Angela Spica - The Engineer in The Authority

10. Angela Spica – Engineer – The Authority

What do you get when you take a girl who grew up reading comic books and let her replace her blood with nine pints of nanotechnology juice? You get Angela Spica, the Engineer on The Authority team – of which she is a founding member. With veins pumping liquid machinery Angela is able to cover herself in liquid metal on a whim, commune on an almost spiritual level with machines and electronics, and even create mechanical copies of herself in a pinch. And did I mention she can fly? And replace her lungs if she’s in an unfriendly atmosphere? She also has a penchant for intoxicated, hairy Mexican men – but don’t take my word for it. Pick up a copy of 2001′s Wildstorm Summer Special and prepare to be amazed. (That is, if the mechanical blood and the metal skin and the flying and the nifty lungs trick didn’t impress you first.)

Sue Storm Richards - Invisible Woman - Fantastic Four

9. Sue Storm – Invisible Woman – Fantastic Four

Fan boys everywhere may be disappointed Sue Storm Richards clocks in at only #9 on our list by virtue of the fact that they came ever-so-close to seeing Jessica Alba naked while portraying the Invisible Woman in the Fantastic Four film series. But Alba notwithstanding, Sue Storm’s powers pack a serious punch, and make her highly adaptable to just about any dangerous situation. Not only can she walk around undetected, but she can manipulate profoundly powerful force fields. She also has the fortitude to withstand an obnoxious flaming brother, a chronically depressed stone giant, and an absent-minded and work-obsessed husband who knows how to stretch her patience as well as he can stretch, well, everything else.

Laura Kinney - X-23 - NYX, X-men

8. Laura Kinney – X-23 – NYX, X-Men

Another young girl born and bred for violence, X-23 is the genetic twin of highly unpredictable and virtually unstoppable mutant Wolverine, created in a laboratory by the Weapon X project. Like her predecessor X-23 finds her way into the world, woefully unprepared for life on the streets. By the time she joins the X-men her checkered past includes a stint as an underage prostitute in New York City. But boy, this girl can bring the pain! She even schooled Wolverine when they first met. Armed with Wolverine’s claws and spikes on her feet, and with a similar adamantium-laced skeleton and genetic healing factor, she’s got everything that makes us love her scruffy Canadian counterpart…but she’s a heck of a lot cuter.

Mindy MacCready - Hit-Girl - Kick-Ass

7. Mindy MacCready – Hit-Girl – Kick-Ass

She may be only 10 years old when we meet her, but Hit-Girl’s a ruthless fighter you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley…or a playground…or just about anywhere on a bad day. Highly trained by her father in martial arts and weapons know-how, Hit-Girl’s entire existence seems to revolve around avenging her mother. She earns points for being a wee bit tragic, too; the child is forced to be a heroine, although in her heart of hearts all she wants is a normal family life. But it doesn’t stop this little girl from dealing a heavy dose of grown-up lethality to her enemies.

Alice - FreakAngels

6. Alice – FreakAngels

What can you say about a girl who totes a shotgun across Britain – on foot – other than “wow, she’s rockin’ some Easy Spirits”? You can say she is uniquely Alice, a non-powered girl in a very strange world, trying her best to keep up with the FreakAngels. Initially programmed via mind control to kill any FreakAngels she encountered, after a bit of friendly help she’s found her footing as a watchman and informant. She’s perhaps more of a sidekick than a traditional hero, but she’s every bit heroic when push comes to shove.

Carol Danvers - Ms. Marvel - The Avengers

5. Carol Danvers – Ms. Marvel – The Avengers

Originally appearing as a member of the U.S. Air Force in 1968, Carol Danvers gives a whole new meaning to the term Warbird. 9 short years after her introduction into the Marvel universe Carol Danvers became Ms. Marvel, a human and alien hybrid highly capable of wiping the floor with just about anyone. While we’re disappointed to see her solo title come to an end, she’s joined forces with the freshly-renovated New Avengers, so her days of taking girl power to a whole new level are far from over.

Kato - The Green Hornet

4. Kato – The Green Hornet

If for nothing else but sheer tenacity, the female version of The Green Hornet’s faithful sidekick Kato earns the #4 spot on our list for managing to survive several decades of gender swapping and generational identity confusion in the comic adaptations of the tale. Despite being quickly shipped off to Switzerland and replaced with a male Kato after her initial appearance in print, lady Kato came back as the Crimson Wasp to kick butt and take names. The current incarnation of Kato suffers from some serious impulse control, but she is also undeniably a powerhouse warrior. She’s a woman of few words, but her actions speak more than loudly enough.

Julie Martin - Echo

3. Julie Martin – Echo

Imagine if Iron Man could control his suit with his emotions. Now imagine an emotionally-charged Iron Man with Wolverine’s healing factor and, of course, breasts. Now you’re thinking of Julie Martin, the ambitious undertaking of triple-threat writer/artist/creator Terry Moore. We’re introduced to Julie as a hapless young photographer on the brink of divorce who’s very much in the wrong place at the wrong time when a prototypical military suit blows to smithereens all over her. But as the suit transplants itself onto Julie it bonds with her nervous system, making her not only a military-grade weapon but a weapon with emotion and intellect. A weapon who can use empathy to heal herself and those she cares for as easily as shoot lightning bolts when she’s ticked off. C’mon, don’t make me make a PMS joke here.

Emma Frost - The White Queen - X-men

2. Emma Frost – The White Queen – X-Men

Who doesn’t love a bad girl? This former stripper turned headmistress of the Xavier Institute, by way of a stint as the powerful White Queen of X-men opponent the Hellfire Club, pushes all the right buttons, whether you love her or hate her. She can be as cold and unmovable as diamond – literally – or she can bring to life the line “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. An incredibly powerful telepath, Emma also wins points in the disturbing maternal instinct department for doting upon her crop of creepy telepathic children who’d make Stephen King’s creations green with envy. With Emma we never quite know if we’re safe, but we have little choice but to trust her.

Michonne - The Walking Dead

1. Michonne – The Walking Dead

From the moment we first meet Michonne, striding confidently into frame dragging two close and personal zombies by leashes, we know there’s something not quite right but definitely awesome about this unpredictable, hard-as-nails chick. And throughout the comic she has not disappointed. She’s been subjected to some pretty horrifying things, but she’s proven that she can give as good as she gets. Never far from her trusted katana even in the most peaceful of times, Michonne takes #1 on our list of kick-butt female characters for her indomitable spirit and will to survive…at just about any cost."