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Thread: What are You Hoping for From Underworld 4

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    Default What are You Hoping for From Underworld 4

    First here's the article I read that got me thinking;

    ScreenGems and Lakeshore are developing a fourth Underworld movie, so the feud between Lycans and Vampires will explode again. Underworld 4 will be shot in 3D and it's most likely a sequel, Producer Tom Rosenberg was already talking about it two years ago:

    "When we did the 1st 'Underworld,' we imagined three - the 1st one, a sequel and then a prequel. The 3rd is a prequel, so the 4th would carry on where Kate and Scott Speedman left off after 2."
    Producer Tom Rosenberg (in January 2008)

    Rosenberg's quote is a bit dated, but more recently, Scriptwriter John Hlavin, who has been hired to write the script of Underworld 4, kind of confirmed that Underowrld 4 would be a sequel:

    "I can tell you itís not a prequel. It will satisfy old fans and excite new audiences, meaning that we donít want to redo the first three movies, so steps are being taken to honor what fans have loved but at the same time introduce fresh elements."
    Scriptwriter John Hlavin (in November 2009)

    I hope Underworld 4 to be a direct sequel to Underworld 2: we'd see with Selene (Kate Beckinsale), who's more powerful than ever, and Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman), who's now a mighty hybrid, trying to clean up the chaos created by the death of the Elders.

    Unfortunately this is still speculation, nothing official yet, but plot details of Underworld 4 should surface online quite soon! We will then have a better idea of what to expect in the movie Underworld 4.


    I'm at odds on this one. I LOVE the Underworld series. I have totally bought into what they have created. Given they made them backwards but how the hell cares they still kick ass and Kate Beckinsale is one of the hottest if not the hottest vampire ever. The story was great and I love how they wrapped it all up for us with Rise of the Lycans. What I'm at odds about is for me the story is over. I'm not sure if I want to go back and revisit. 3 movies that were all great is a good stopping point. I'm not all that worried that they will mess with the story and fuck it all up and it will be a disaster. From what it sounds like there bringing back most everyone and that sort of thing so like I said the ground work is there. I'm just not sure if its necessary to make another one. But what do I know right? Hollywood go where the money is. What do you guys think and what do you hope to see. says this movie is coming in Sept 2011.

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    Arthur Hucksake


    I'm all over this.

    Vampires on their own, been done to hell. But I love the whole Vampires Vs Werewolves dynamic. The first Underworld movie was fantastic, I absolutely loved it.

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    The Underworld movies have gotten better with each installment. So I think this new one can only be a good thing, right?
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