"The Taint"

"The Taint" delivers in amazingly fun/utterly gross FX (with superb CGI transitions from real actor's faces to dummy heads) and crazy ideas.

But after a balls-out (LOL) start it suddenly has over-extended jokes (an initially very funny/cheesy 'pumping iron' sequence goes on well passed the laughter stopping) and achingly long and dull flashbacks that halt all the fun.

In fact the entire middle is nothing but flashbacks that take us away from main plot (even with only 10 minutes to go) or if they are linked they are still needlessly drawn out.
The out of nowhere explanation flashback seems to go on for half the movie.
It's as if someone forgot to say "Cut" and then forgot to edit it after anyway.

And it was gross indulgence (although he is a fun character) to have a guy already dead half way through appear endlessly in other flashbacks later. With the main 'killer, rampant cock, men/end of the World' plot utterly forgotten.

That's not to say "The Taint" isn't worth a watch, it most certainly is.
It delivers the gross out craziness, is technically excellent and features some great (if OTT) practical FX and clever CGI.
And there's some genuine laughs to be had here.

But it gets so very lost in those too long/badly placed flashbacks