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    Default Music You're Currently Into

    Inspired by the two "I Used to Like This Band" threads, I decided to delve into the arena of current musical tastes....

    Two bands that fill alot of my time these days are:

    Airbourne- My long-standing love for AC/DC (which began as a child, but I will admit they haven't cut a decent album in over 20 years) and Rose Tattoo probably steers me towards's good, brain-numbing rock n roll...meaning you don't have to think too much while listening, which is a good respite from alot of the prog-rocky bands I find myself caught up in most days (TOOL, A Perfect Circle, etc.,), stoner metal (Clutch, Fu Manchu, etc.,), outsider music and just plain bad or goofy tunes (I love novelty tunes.....can't help myself)...

    The Black Keys- Another long-standing love of mine is the blues, particularly the electrified variety, especially when performed by the likes of John Lee Hooker or Jimmy Reed (I blame my mother and her accursed Southern blood which she passed onto me) and this Akron, Ohio based band (gotta show some love for boys from the home state) are just my cup of tea. Plus, any band on the Eastbound and Down and Zombieland soundtrack can't be all that bad. I absolutely love their cover of Dylan's "Wicked Messenger".

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    I don't listen to much new music except Peaches. But then I was in a bar the other day and heard something completely awesome, which turned out to be Leslie Hall. So, a lot of Leslie Hall is being played around the Mr. and Mrs. GGG household. She's kinda like Divine, if Divine was into crafts and scissor kicks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gore Gore Girl View Post
    I don't listen to much new music except Peaches.
    I love the Impeach My Bush album....

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    ^ Yeah, it's good. Fatherfucker is the best IMO. But nothing beats her live. Best show on earth.

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    Currently listening to...

    The Wildhearts - Earth Vs The Wildhearts CD

    Sue Saad - theme from Looker 7" single

    ... and Def Leppard at Dortmund, 1983

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    It's been nothing but Dennis Wilson and Hall and Oates for me lately.

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    That new Black Keys record is amazing. Seeing them next month! Love those Airbourne boys. Here's a review from, which pretty much nails them cold:
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    Le Savy Fav - Root for Ruin (wow. just. wow)
    Grinderman - Grinderman 2 (Nick Cave's second Grinderman record. Could be the soundtrack to a yet unwritten Lynch flick)
    Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart (throttles from folk to completely fucking metal)
    Endless Boogie - Full House Head (serious swamp-rawk!)
    The Fall - Your Future, Our Clutter (solid record all the way through)

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    I downloaded the Brats song "Quaalude Queen" (just for the title alone) which contains the lyrics...

    All-night cruiser... she's a drug abuser
    Doncha tryta winnah cuz you'll be a loooo-sah!

    Not bad.

    btw, I'm going back to Halifax in two weeks. If anyone wants me to look for something, lemme know.

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    After they recently got back together, I broke out all my old Pavement CDs and have been listening to them a lot lately....


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