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    Hey all,

    Psycho and I have a pretty extensive comic book collection (mostly Marvel) from the past few years. Alas, the habit got too expensive and we quit collecting. Now, we have a bunch of comics taking up space and we are trying to save money to buy a house. So we want to sell off our collection. Any suggestions on where to sell them. We thought about ebay but the listing fees would get to be a lot and we don't want to gamble on getting stuck selling them for basically nothing.
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    I have a much older collection and starting thinking the same thing a few yeras back. It's almost impossible. Over ebay, you get next to nothing unless they are bunched and then the shipping eats you alive. I have been to many comic book conventions over the past five years and its sad to see that comics from the 1970's and 1980's are going at $1 a pop.

    I have the Uncanny X-Men #79-300 for example. At one of the conventions, someone offered me $250 for the lot. Embarassing. I wish you luck and I hope someone has an idea that I might be able to leverage as well.

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    Im a Reader not a collector so I'm loving the new lower prices of most comics.


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