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Review: Inbred (2012)

Date Posted: 2012-10-30
Posted by:
GregMo Roberts
Source: Killer Reviews

When a group of four teen young offenders and their two social workers land in the village of Mortlake, Yorkshire, they encounter a group of locals that are hell bent on ensuring that each of the six are brutally tortured or killed to the amusement of the townspeople who come out to watch the killings in a circus-like production.

Such is the premise for the new violent film, Inbred, which seems to use the ridiculous idea as an excuse for writer/director Alex Chandon (Pervirella) to maim, disfigure, shoot, stab, run over, chainsaw, blow up and defile with carrots a cast that ultimately deserved better.

We first get introduced to our fated six on their journey to Mortlake. Their names are unimportant as the script really doesn’t allow for an audience to make any connection with any of them. You won’t care who lives or dies and all that is important to the content of the film reels is that each die separately and gruesomely.

The group of six end up at the local pub where they get their first look at the villagers who look, well….inbred. Not Wrong Turn type inbred, but somewhere between a Steve Buscemi and a Jason Voorhees look.

The following day, the group heads out to collect some scrap metal when a run-in with one of the locals leaves one of the social worker badly injured. Rushing to the village to get him immediate medical attention initiates the violent proceedings where they quickly learn that the villagers are happiest when outsiders are killed for their entertainment. Cue the maiming, disfiguring, shootings, stabbing, running over, chainsawing, blowing people up and the unhygienic use of a carrot.

Inbred plays out like a college student’s violent movie fantasy. It is slickly produced and some of the kills are very well done. However, without a real involving plot or meat behind the visuals (aka script), it plays out simply as a kill him, then kill her, then run from him, then get killed by him while running away from everyone sort of torture/gore porn.

Which is ok if you are looking for mindless bloodletting and torture. Of that, there is no end and our rabid house of enthusiasts at the Toronto After Dark Festival which screened the film event seemed happy and joyous in the depictions of vile behavior on screen.

If we were a young teen looking to sit with a group of friends in our parent’s basement watching outlandish kills in assembly line fashion, Inbred would be a good source of entertainment. But for the adult crowd maybe looking for a little more behind the slayings, Indbred was just a mindless, sometimes fun, splattering of guts that was as cool at times as it is forgettable now.

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