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Mike Flanagan Enters Scare Dares

Date Posted: 2012-03-20
Posted by:
GregMo Roberts
Source: Fear Net

Anyone who listens to the Killer Reviews podcast knows that Butcher and I have praised the works of writer/director Mike Flanagan.  Flanagan’s last effort, Absentia, even showed up on our ‘Favorite Films of 2011’ list and showcased what you can do with little money and a great idea. 

Mike Flanagan is now hard at work on his next feature, Scare Dares.  According to Fearnet, Flanagan said Scare Dares is “a love letter to horror”, “It’s my thank-you to King, Argento, Shimizu, Del Toro and of course, Lovecraft. 

Official synopsis: "Scare Dares tells the tale of an estranged group of friends who kick-off a reunion weekend with a night of occult dares in the haunted hills of central California. As things start to go very wrong, they have to figure out what is happening before it's too late."

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