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Year of Release: 1994
Theatrical Release Date:

Director: John Flynn
Writing Credits:
Brian Owens, Andrew Kevin Walker
Run Time:
96 min
Studio: Info coming soon

Cast: Edward Furlong, Frank Langella, Amy Hargreaves, T. Ryder Smith

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Summary: Michael (Edward Furlong) is a typical suburban teenager. Isolated from his distant father and dead mother, he finds refuge in horror fanzines and gory slasher flicks. When he plugs into Brainscan, an interactive game where the player initiates all-too-real murders, he`s confident he can beat the wisecracking game master until he finds a severed foot in the fridge and belatedly realizes there may be more to Brainscan than he realizes!

Reviewer Film Ratings:
Plot: 2.5 | Fun Factor: 3 | Gore: 1.5 | Nudity: 0 | Scare Factor: 0 | Overall: 3/5

The ultimate in CD-Rom horror !
Reviewed by bronxtko

Ah, remember the good old days when Edward Furlong didn't have an extensive criminal record ? Just 3 short years after his film debut in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Mr. Furlong finally got his shot to be the leading man, and surprisingly enough, pulled off quite the pleasant surprise.

He plays Michael Brower, an introverted teenage horror movie fan that lives with his father (who never seems to be around, due to his job) - and still to the day bears both the emotional & physical scars after the automobile accident death of his mother, but yet still manages to fill his time with spying on his next-door neighbor through her bedroom window with his telescope....aah, to be young again !

Michael always seems to be looking for the next best thing in horror entertainment, and the latest nugget of information offered to him by his best friend Kyle is called "Brainscan" - an interactive cd-rom game that plays through your television set and acts upon your own brainwaves to create a horror experience that will terrify any fan.

The game is specified as "death by design", and puts Michael in the shoes of a brutal killer that must not only commit the murder of an innocent man, but must cover his tracks, including stashing all evidence, and silencing any witnesses, no matter whom they may be.

The host of the game (that appears randomly in Michael's room ) is called Trickster - an off the wall demonic-looking malignant spirit type that sports a zoot suit, rocks a fire red hairdo, and generally causes havoc wherever he stands - but he acts as Michael's conscience in a twisted way, steering him directionally in the game so that he may continue to play on and achieve the ever elusive grand prize of getting away with the perfect murder....or is he trying to get him caught ?

Frank Langella plays a silent-but effective homicide detective that has crossed paths before with Michael, which only adds to his suspicions of who the killer could be when it comes to light that the game has suddenly leapt from the TV screen into real-time, and this is where things get interesting.

The movie doesn't take itself too seriously (it really isn't anyway) - but you get involved with the engaging storyline of the murder and subsequent cover-up attempt, and Furlong, oddly enough, portrays a troubled teen to the utmost category of believeability (I wonder if he was looking into a crystal ball ?) - Trickster himself throws a decent dose of humor into the character which proves to be a nice slice of levity into what could have been a darker movie. 96 minutes of your time isn't too much to give up to check out not only a decent movie, but a look back into a time where Mr. Furlong's filmography would have been longer than his rap sheet.

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