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The Slasher Hunter

Year of Release: 2011
Theatrical Release Date:

Director: Steve Rudzinski
Writing Credits:
Steve Rudzinski
Run Time:
35 Minutes
Studio: Dark Mullet Cinema

Cast: Chad Phillips, Derek Rothermund, Ryan Sullivan

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Summary: Wherever there's an asshole killer in a mask,he'll be there. Whenever dumb kids go to a cabin with no phone receiption, he'll be there. The Slasher Hunter is here to save your dumb ass from a ragtag gang of the most notorious slashers. Led by the cold-hearted Frank, they are determine to obtain on teen's seemingly endless supply of the Survivor Gene, which grants immunity to slasher attacks.

Reviewer Film Ratings:
Plot: 3 | Fun Factor: 2.5 | Gore: 1 | Nudity: 2 | Scare Factor: 1 | Overall: 3/5

Funny Fluff in Genre Bending Parody
Reviewed by

Imagine if you were sitting around a table with your drinking buddies and the group collectively began to talk about making a horror film. Not so much a serious slasher, but a parody of the stereotypical films we see in theatres and on DVD every week.

Within seconds of watching Steve Rudzinki’s film, The Slasher Hunter, I couldn’t help but imagine the entire production gang sitting around drinking brown pops discussing how they can reference just about every successful (and non-successful) horror franchise out there. And from Leatherface to Chucky to Michael Myers to Jason Voorhees to Freddy Krueger, The Slasher Hunter spares no film in its attempt to parody the giants of the genre.

Made on a budget of $1,500 (or the cost of one of George Clooney’s cufflinks in Ocean’s 11), and filmed on a Panasonic DVX 100B at 24pA, The Slasher Hunter was the look and feel of a small independent film. Production values are so low in fact that it makes The Blair Witch Project look like a Michael Bay/Jerrry Bruckheimer collaboration.

But that doesn’t seem to stop Steve and his crew of emoting actors from seemingly having fun with their subject material. The Slasher Hunter, pits the notorious serial killers together in a combined attempt to obtain the powers of a particular teen that has what is known as the ‘Survivor Gene’ – that bit of genetic material that protects you from the serial rampages of the infamous murderers. The serial 5 are desperate to obtain gene and the slasher hunter is contracted to protect it.

One of the first things that struck me about The Slasher Hunter is that it actually had a story! As a result of our hobby, we screen a few horror films a week (mostly independent) and it is rare that we get anything unique, interesting or even coherent out of most of the fluff we are in receipt. The Slasher Hunter was different in that there was a true story underlying the comedic parody. It wasn’t Inception in complexity, but the writing team of Steve Rudzinski and Ryan Sullivan did put a concentrated effort into at least having a plot behind their characters.

The humor in the Slasher Hunter was hit-and-miss, but it sank more battleships than it did hit open water. A sequence of having the Serial 5 sitting around a table discussing plans and drinking soda through their various masks or killing attachments was of entertainment value and probably would have been the lead skit on Saturday Night Live if further flushed out. Some of the jokes border on crude (you don’t want to know how Frank gets the gene out of the 20-something teen), but they are all done in good fun and Steve is nice enough to throw in some unnecessary nudity for our patience.

The acting is hardly worth discussing and the production was at times sloppy, but what the fuck do you expect for a $1,500 budget? They do throw in some blood for good measure, but The Slasher Hunter was really not about the horror or blood and guts. This was a labor of love for those involved and we will never slam anyone who has the courage and the passion to bring something like this to the masses.

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