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My Super Psycho Sweet 16

Year of Release: 2009
Theatrical Release Date:

Director: Jacob Gentry
Writing Credits:
Jed Elinoff, Scott Thomas
Run Time:
84 minutes
Studio: MTV Networks

Cast: Julianna Guill, Lauren Mcknight, Chris Zylka, Alex Van

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Summary: Madison Penrose decides to reopen the local skating rink where murders took place for her sweet 16 birthday party. Little does she know that the killer is still alive and has some unfinished business.

Reviewer Film Ratings:
Plot: 1.5 | Fun Factor: 3 | Gore: 2 | Nudity: 0 | Scare Factor: 1.5 | Overall: 3/5

A Slasher For a New Generation?
Reviewed by thedarkhours

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 is a made-for-television horror film that is a spin-off of the popular reality television show, My Super Sweet 16, which aired on MTV. As far as I can tell the show is what you’d expect from reading that title. It showcases spoiled rich kids and their extravagant birthday parties, the stuff of nightmares and Americana. Somehow it was decided this would make a good franchise to spin off into a slasher movie!?!

That might sound like a recipe for torture or disaster, but this movie has the ingredients to make it a decent slasher! Lets break down the formula...


Charlie Rotter hates teenagers so he kills them. When his daughter Skye finds out, she turns him into the police. THAT’S IT. There are other details but they aren’t important in a film like this. Charlie is Jason Vorhees, simple as that. Charlie owns a roller rink and he dresses up as a knight for birthday parties. His mask covers the top half of his face which has him looking really creepy and oddly like the King from the Burger King Commercials. To match the medieval motif, Charlie’s weapons of choice are swords and axes. How does Charlie stack up against other iconic killers like the army disguise in The Prowler or the jester mask in Slaughter High? Well, the look is unique but the weapons are a little dull. WIN!


What we’re dealing with is a television movie that wants to be a slasher. The producers knew they had to hook the audience early; similar to House on Sorority Row from 1983, the first kill is the most spectacular with a great looking dummy speared through the face. The rest of the murder in the film is suitably nasty but very suggestive. The nice thing is that Sweet 16 has a mean streak. You can feel Charlie Rotter’s anger as he savagely beats and cuts his victims to ribbons. WIN?


Lauren McKnight plays, Skye Rotter, our final girl. It’s not hard to spot her as she is pegged as a survivor from moment one. She is the prototypical outcast, your sexy girl made to look nerd because she has glasses. She follows the lead of Sydney Prescott from SCREAM by over-emoting in every scene she’s in. We are supposed to feel sorry for her because her father was a murderer. When things turn sour she is suitably tough. On a scale of 1 to Jamie Lee Curtis from Halloween, this role ranks somewhere in the middle of the pantheon of final females! DRAW.


To be fair, character development is almost every slasher film’s weakest link, but it is really bad here due to the MTV factor. Most of the characters are annoying as hell and ALL of them are stereotypes. All the archetypes are here, the jock, the bitch, and her lackeys. The dialogue and set-ups are painful. The first scene with our heroine, Skye and her love interest Brigg is so painful you’ll want to remove your own eyes. The only character that stands out is Madison Penrose portrayed by Julianna Guill from the Friday the 13th remake; she would be the one with the longest sex scene in movie history. Guill has more screen time in this film but the performance is less interesting! FAIL.


So let’s be honest here, My Super Psycho Sweet 16 is not a great movie, but slasher movies never are. It delivers a memorable killer with a few decent kills, and the characters are atrocious. This plays out as an introduction to horror films just as SCREAM did over ten years prior. If you are a slasher fanatic there is an authentic 80s feel to the proceedings, just be prepared for a lot of MTV bullshit.

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