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Year of Release: 2010
Theatrical Release Date:

Director: John Lechago
Writing Credits:
John Lechago
Run Time:
90 minutes
Studio: Lechago Entertainment

Cast: Vinnie Bilancio, Victoria De Mare, Ronnie Lewis

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Summary: Seven people are trapped in a building with a flesh eating slime creature.

Reviewer Film Ratings:
Plot: 2 | Fun Factor: 4 | Gore: 3 | Nudity: 5 | Scare Factor: 3 | Overall: 4/5

I've Been Bio-Slimed
Reviewed by thedarkhours

Being a horror fan can be a burden. We are constantly hearing about movies years before they get released, then at some point they disappear into development hell (I'm looking at you Poughkeepsie Tapes and Mandy Lane). Bio-Slime was that kind of movie; made in 2010, itís finally being released on DVD through Media Blasters. On IMDB youíll find it under the alternate title, Contagion, although I definitely prefer Bio-Slime. I first found out about the movie through its fantastic trailer which showcases the awesome special effects, but little did I know it would be years until I could see the finished product.

Bio-Slime plays out as a mixture of several other more successful movies, just not as good. The film it most reminds me of is the people stuck in a building with zombies film, Quarantine. In Bio-Slime we have a bunch of eclectic characters trapped in an apartment together with a killer organism. We are given brief (only a couple minutes per character) introductions for everybody before the killer Jell-O is running loose in the building.

When I first watched it I was bewildered by what was going on. One character is abused by her boyfriend, but I had no way of telling this; another character is an alcoholic artist who messes up during a big art show but itís explained badly. I was lost for the first half of the movie

To make these problems worse, the editing and the sound design are very confusing. We hear noises that are supposed to be coming from other rooms but that isnít clear. A scene will be spliced with two others and it doesn't flow well. At one point a badly choreographed fight scene is interwoven with a murder and a sex scene at the same time and itís all very hard to follow.

If you can forgive these technical difficulties, the film becomes highly entertaining. The highlight is the excellent special effects work by Tom Devlin. You'll be getting flashbacks of Chuck Russellís The Blob from 1988 and "The Raft" segment from Creepshow 2. The monster is a gelatinous shape shifter which absorbs people and contorts their bodies into impossible shapes. The majority of the special effects are old-school with latex and model work. Surprisingly, the computer effects are nearly invisible and rendered very well.

One thing not so entertaining is the horrendous acting. This is probably due to the fact that half the cast is comprised of porn stars; ironically, in the movie there is a porn studio operating in the building and we see most of the film's female stars nude at one point or another. As far as the male lead, there hasnít been a performance this bad since Paul Le Mat sleepwalked through Puppet Master.

Even with all of these faults, Bio-Slime is immensely entertaining. Director, John Lechago, has produced something tremendous here within the constraints of a low budget film. Some of the moments are genuinely creepy and the scenes of suspense work well. If you can forgive the film of its shortcomings, which are typical low-budget blunders, you will find a gem hidden underneath.

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