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Bleeding Through

Year of Release: 2013
Theatrical Release Date:

Director: Henrique Couto
Writing Credits:
Henrique Couto
Run Time:
84 minutes
Studio: Independent Entertainment

Cast: Sandy Behre, Ruby Larocca, Josh Lively, Zane Crosby, Justin Channell

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Summary: After losing her parents in a brutal car accident Lindsey finds her depression and life spiraling out of control. As she comes to terms with what her life is and who she is things become to great and she leads herself down the road to suicide. When she finally commits the act she wakes up in the bathtub with blood everywhere but no wounds to be found... She silently picks herself up and seeks violent and bloody revenge on all of those who wrong her.

Reviewer Film Ratings:
Plot: 3 | Fun Factor: 3 | Gore: 2.5 | Nudity: 1 | Scare Factor: 2.5 | Overall: 3.5/5

Independent Film Done Right
Reviewed by Xander_Kane

Seems 2013 is going to be a big year for independent cinema. Bleeding Through is one of the first ones to release this year. Directed by Henrique Cuoto of Faces of Schlock fame gives us his first effort this year. Henrique has become an established staple in the micro/ low budget genre of horror filmmaking. Most of you still probably have never followed his work but luckily for you I have. Let's find out if Bleeding Through is a step up or a step down for Henrique’s film career.

Our main character Lindsay is a young girl who seems to be struggling with her day to day life. After her parents death she lives with her brother. He doesn’t seem to understand how to deal with his sisters struggles in her day to day life. She seems to be lonely and depressed and unsure of what to do with herself. We begin to see a change in Lindsay when she meets a girl named Katie. Katie helps Lindsay come out of her shell and we begin to see her happy and somewhat normal. Lindsay slowly begins to fall in love with Katie but as it turns out this is one big prank on Lindsay. Katie who we thought was sweet turned out to be an evil bitch and broke Lindsay's heart as Lindsay confessed her love. The story plays out from here on her hell bent on revenge on those who caused her pain.

Henrique takes a different approach to this film compared to his others. He seems to have put a lot more thought into certain artistic expressions in the film. This is best noticed in several scenes when the music is a simple piano key and as soon as the tone of the characters change we get this distorted industrial sound to bring us back to the darkness of the film. This drastic change in music is a bit jarring to the viewer at times but isn't that the point? Some scenes with the bullies of the movie are shot from their perspective on home video. This is the one thing I didn't care for too much but that is just a personal preference. It doesn't take you out of the movie I just felt it didn't make it any better. When we watch a similar scene using footage from a cell phone it does work. We are able to watch Lindsay squirm from a fly on the wall perspective as Katie is spewing hatred in her direction. It makes you uncomfortable and incredibly sorry for Lindsay. This is how you use creative camera work to create an unsettling scene and this was one of the greatest things about this movie.

The final scenes of the film play out on the beach. It is a great setting for the final sequence of the film and is the icing on the cake to an already good film. I couldn't help but ask myself “What could Henrique do with a substantial budget"? He has surrounded himself with great indie actress in Bleeding Through. Sandy Behre in what I believe is her first leading role knocks it out if the park with this character. Ruby Larocca also delivers what I believe to be her best performance as well. With Henrique’s film knowledge and his ability not to be scared about taking chances on film is a win for all of us. I have watched almost everything Henrique Cuoto has put out and he shows growth in every film he has done. This proves to me that he is doing things right and we all should to be eager to watch what comes next from him.

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